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I am so, so honored to be sharing a brand new (largely DIY) wedding with you guys today! This event was held in celebration of Michael and Marlee, the latter I have known my entire life. Marlee is the youngest sister of my very best forever friend, Erica, and the daughter of some of the […]

Happy New Year! Can you believe that it’s already 2015?! I remember the Y2K days when the year 2020 seemed like ages and ages away, but now we’re only five years away from the unimaginable milestone. Large-scale speculations aside, I have a lot to be thankful for personally from this past year. My first trip […]

If you’re anything like me, the idea of walking out into the wintry wilderness is your last idea of fun. I’m beyond (beyond!) grateful this year to be working from home since it means having to scrape frost off my car a little less often and having to don heavy winter layers only when absolutely necessary. But there’s […]

Do you have a wall in your home that could use some love? Or have you been itching to simply start a fine art collection of your own? Well now’s the time. I’m super excited to be teaming up with domino and Minted this weekend on a blank wall challenge—even more so because you’re invited to join in, too! I’ve found that it’s […]

Career Contessa is celebrating a HUGE milestone—our first anniversary! Between all of the career features, the blog posts and more inspiring interactions than I can name, it has been an incredible 365 days. To kick off the celebrations, my fellow directors and I are spilling all when it comes to our own career experiences. Read up on our founder Lauren McGoodwin […]