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Like most women around this time of year, I’m a little fixated on getting the perfect “bikini body” – Although, who am I kidding…I haven’t worn a bikini in 3 years. It’s either a one piece or a baggy T-shirt for this gal. So let’s just say, I’m fixated on getting bathing suit ready. I even […]

So honored to have Anne, of Anne the Adventurer, here this morning to take over the blog while my family and I are off relaxing at the beach. I just KNOW that her words will inspire you as much as they have me. Enjoy, and thank you, Anne, for stopping by! . Hi everyone! Anne […]

Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source As we pause to celebrate and enjoy this incredible holiday today, I hope that joy is at the top of your list of feelings. Society as a whole is often accused of misinterpreting the holiday or misdirecting the focus. While there is absolutely […]

Another Thanksgiving behind us, and with it another Black Friday – Like I said last week, my family considers Black Friday to be the official start of the holidays, and this year was no different. By the end of Friday, we had the tree up and decorated, the stockings and garland hung on the stairwell […]

.Source: Jess Constable (of Makeunder My Life and Jess LC) Doesn’t it feel just so so good to lay it all out on the table? All of those fears, insecurities and all of the dirty laundry you hesitate to speak aloud? Being open about your negative thoughts can be exceptionally liberating, especially when among friends whom you can trust not to judge […]

Good morning! It’s so great to be home and getting back into a normal routine… I am happy to report that the wedding went off without any major hitches (the downpour stopped just in time for photos and our outdoor ceremony) and the honeymoon was a fantastic adventure. John and I enjoyed a blissful week […]