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Spaces: Better Homes and Gardens | The Makerista Soirée: Dream Green DIY + Home Depot | Sarah Hearts Style: In Honor Of Design | Say Yes (photo: Ashley Thalman) In case you’re looking to boost your ghoulish inspiration, I rounded up a quick compilation of six spook-worthy projects and spaces that will prep you for this weekend’s festivities. Whether you’re looking for […]

Spaces: DIY Triangle Mirror | DIY Leather Handled Cutting Board Soirée: Printable Donut Favor Boxes | DIY Leaf Backdrop Style: DIY Geo Cufflinks | DIY No-Sew Stamped Scarf Are you looking for a plethora of impeccably styled, totally livable DIY projects to try on your next free evening or weekend? Then you have got to check out Molly’s blog, Almost Makes Perfect. Everything […]

Spaces: Globe Stand Planter Makeover | DIY Hutch Makeover Soirée: “Yay!” Stamped Brown Paper Gift Wrap | Party-Ready Porch Style: DIY Fold Over Clutch | Thrifted Silver Tray Polishing I’ve been following along with Kim and Scott’s adventures through their blog, Yellow Brick Home, for just about as long as I’ve known what the word “blog” meant. Their seemingly unending energy […]

UPDATE: Apologies for the radio silence guys and for the lack of blogging, but a pretty key piece to our pending move next week is still missing and I’m incredibly on edge. I just don’t have the will to blog (or basically function) until I know what’s going to happen. No matter what, I will be back […]

I’m back with a brand new social media optimization how-to! So far we’ve chatted about how to optimize Snapchat for your business (and how to optimize Snapchat for your boredom, too!), how to be strategic with your Instagram, and how to make the most of Pinterest—and today, we’re turning to Twitter. Although my own Twitter account has been active since […]

Spaces: DIY Pucker Planters | DIY Minimalist Wood Storage Bin Soirée: DIY Stenciled Gift Bags | DIY Pom Pom Dinner Napkins Style: DIY Paper Brooches | DIY Ombre Ice Cream Cone Shoes As a lover of bold color and personality-packed props, I am absolutely smitten with PROPER the blog. Lexy is a master of sweet styling, and she always—without fail—has something fabulous […]

Spaces: DIY Rhinestone Tissue Box | DIY Washi Tape Holder Soirée: Last Minute DIY Gift Wrap | DIY Fruit Slice Coasters Style: DIY Watermelon Nail Art | Tips For Taking Headshots (photo by Portraits to the People) Time for a brand new installment of my Spaces + Soirée + Style series, again, with my new format profiling one of my favorite bloggers. Today, it’s all about Rachel Mae Smith […]

Spaces: Gold Heart and Scalloped DIY Pillows | Mid-Century Modern Tallboy Dresser Makeover Soirée: DIY Color Blocked Wood Vases | DIY Color Blocked Wood Heart Cake Toppers Style: DIY Polka Dot Bathrobe | DIY Painted Wood Bangle Bracelets Today, I thought I’d mix things up with my running Spaces + Soirée + Style series. All throughout the month of September, I’ll be […]

Spaces: Molly Jacques | SMP Living Soirée: Laura Hooper Calligraphy (photo by Rebecca Yale Photography) | Leen Jean Studios Style: Parris Chic Boutique | Chalk Full Of Love Although hand-lettered designs have been all the rage the last couple of years, I think it’s worth mentioning that calligraphy has really been around for as long as art itself has existed! Calligraphy has […]

Throughout my journey as a blogger and a freelance writer, I’ve come to realize that there are pieces of the business that I love, and there are pieces that I loathe. Being my own PR team, for example, falls into the latter of the two camps. Turns out that I am absolutely terrible at self-promotion, but […]