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My friend Rachel—master creative behind one of my fave blogs, The Crafted Life—just so happened to host the most adorable bead painting workshop in Austin, Texas last month. Although I was desperate to attend, I was stuck out here on the east coast with a freak snow storm (or two). That said, I ended up making the […]

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to have an easy, stress-free weekend ahead of me (knock on wood). I’ve got a couple of craft projects to work on and a few things to catch up on around the house, but generally, my plan is to stay in pjs all day and to kick back with a […]

Spaces: Urban Outfitters | AO Life Soirée: Wedding Chicks | Project Wedding Style: EPUU | CredoAmor So, this post made me realize something about myself—I’m not as huge a fan of lace as I thought I was! Back when I decided to make this feature a recurring column, I hopped onto my trusty Google doc editorial calendar and popped in a […]

One of the biggest expenses that I have in the DGD studio are flowers. Whenever a photo or vignette is missing that little “something,” it usually needs a natural element—either a potted plant or vase of flowers. The problem, of course, is that (1) flowers and potted plants are expensive, and (2) I have the worst […]

I freely admit that I am a terrible (or, really, nonexistent) sewer. I don’t know the first thing about sewing machines, and only know very basic hand stitch techniques. But when Josi Severson, textile designer, reaches out and shares her beautifully patterned, highly saturated fabrics, you go into instant brainstorm mode to figure out a solution that doesn’t […]