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Have you noticed more and more of your favorite brands and influencers mentioning an extension of their content over on Snapchat? Well, in case you’re curious about the newly sophisticated social platform—or if you’re looking to find ways to optimize Snapchat for your own brand community—I’m here today to share the things that I’ve personally […]

Okay, so we’ve already discussed how you can optimize Snapchat for your brand by way of building a community (in case you missed that post from earlier this morning, start by clicking here and then come back to this post), but what about those moments when you want to escape work? Well, as I’m sure you’re […]

This past April, I kicked off my very last year as a 20-something. Honestly, I’m thrilled to be saying SAYONARA to my twenties, which were a bit too tumultuous for my taste. Lots of growth was had and experience was gained, but the years were the hardest of my life, and I’m so excited to […]

How’s this for a challenge? One 10 minute project each month with a varied theme—anything from recipes to crafts—reinterpreted respectively by a group of bloggers. When Laura Putnam (of Finding Home fame) reached out to include me in the team of eight creatives, my love for a challenge outweighed my insecurities and fear of failure—and thus, here I […]

Earlier this month, I carved out a bit of time to bring my vision for a small-scale styled birthday party to life. I’m prepping all of the feature details behind the scenes, so keep an eye out for the full reveal in the next week or so (with photos by Sincerely Liz, Inc!), but essentially it centered on […]