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This post is part of the 10-minute projects series started by Laura Putnam, of Finding Home Farms, in which three bloggers tackle a different themed 10-minute project each month. Click the links at the end of the post to visit the other bloggers who are part of the series to see how they spent their 10 minutes. This month, we’re tackling 10-minute hospitality ideas. Well, folks. […]

In case you haven’t heard, our house is one of the most unique ones on the block. Not so much because of a wild paint color or because of standout landscaping (although I’m pretty biased towards our super cool mid-century silhouette), but because our house numbers make absolutely no sense for the area. I’ve already […]

With four pets running around our home, Christmas has always been one epic game of hide and seek. Not so much seeking the pets—although they do their fair share of hiding, too—but for errant ornaments. Our trio of cats and single hound dog seem to have established a pretty sophisticated system for knocking off the ornaments, and […]

So, for this morning’s tale, I invite you to grab a steamy cup of coffee and a pair of thick socks (or maybe your space heater if you’re at work), and settle in for the slightly sordid story behind my 2015 DIY holiday wreath. It all started with an idea of a handmade Christmas wreath inspired by mid-century retro […]

Now that Halloween has officially come and gone, I have absolutely no qualms about rushing full steam ahead toward the big holiday events of the year—i.e. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Okay. So, maybe I’ve already talked the occasions up enough to make you think I’m crazy, but don’t think I mind that label for even one […]