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This year has marked several changes to my daily lifestyle, including a more regimented morning routine, better work/life balance, and more intentional brainstorming when it comes to the creative ideas that I end up sharing around these parts. Another fun addition that kicked off in 2016 was a brand new partnership with Oriental Trading, which will continue […]

Kicking off my ‘Week of Pink’ series, I’m sharing a simple guide to Valentine’s Day gift starters! This little group of sweet objets d’art offers you a loophole in the whole, “What do I buy my Valentine” conundrum this year. Consider this list your short cut while planning your last-minute gifts before the weekend! How It […]

Are you ready to dive down deep in all things pink this week?! I sure hope so, because I’ve got a full five days worth of blush-colored Valentine’s Day content just waiting to be published. Be sure to check back in every morning to see a new DIY or how-to post—I’ll be covering Valentine’s Day […]

Happy Friday! Here’s hoping that your February started off with an extra fabulous reason to celebrate this year. I am currently in the middle of painting our brick fireplace a bright, bright white, and am loving the results. This is my first time painting brick (stay tuned for the DIY tutorial, coming soon to eHow), and […]

Modern Pastoral: Bring the tranquility of nature into your home, by Niki Brantmark ($26.15) Modern design might not necessarily be something that we would link to a “pastoral” state of mind, but, in fact, there’s quite a bit of beautiful overlap to be enjoyed. If you had said that to me two months ago though, I probably would […]

I can’t remember if I’ve ever officially admitted this, but, truth be told, I’m pretty much useless when it comes to any action in the kitchen. Well, aside from breakfast that is. I can make a mean poached egg or plate of French toast, but that’s where my motivation ends. Let’s just say that when I was a […]

Although I typically refrain from sharing too many of my political and religious beliefs here on the blog (as in, I never share them), I feel like today’s tongue-in-cheek DIY pennant flag project deserves a small “pass.” Let’s just say that I’m feeling especially nostalgic for the President Bartlet administration in the midst of all the […]

What are you all up to this weekend? I, for one, am currently swimming neck deep in all things Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to share a whole slew of brand new content geared towards getting you in the mood to celebrate. We’re talking a large scale Girls Night In Coloring Party, a pink-inspired DIY chair makeover I’ve […]

1. Face Moisturizer | 2. Bath Mat | 3. Sconce  | 4. Metallic Candle | 5. Zipper Case 6. Coral Jewelry Tree | 7. “Going For A Swim” print | 8. Hand Wash | 9. Marble Canister 10. Round Mirror | 11. Gold Wastecan | 12. Glass Oil Can | 13. Olive Ottoman 14. ‘You Look Good’ Bath Mat | 15. Brass Toilet Paper Tower | 16. Bath Towel 17. Body Cream | 18. Soap Dish | 19. Vanity Tray | 20. Whale Nail Brush Ever since moving into our 1960s home, I’ve had to think really strategically about our project to-do list. The big ticket items immediately following our […]

I don’t know about you guys, but we are still wrestling with quite a bit of snow leftover from last weekend’s storm. It’s certainly old news by now, but we here on the east coast got hammered with the stuff, and John and I have an informal bet going as to just how long this snow […]