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Although I’ve been trying to curb the habit as of late, I will always and forever be a lover of all things vintage. Thrifting is one of my all-time favorite weekend activities, and thus, our home is filled to the brim with retro conversation pieces. It’s all the thrill of the hunt, as they say, and […]

I’ve never been all that great at keeping flowers alive. In fact, I’m downright bad at it. John is pretty adamant that I stay clear of the nursery department at our local Home Depot because everything that I bring home ends up shriveled and brown within a couple of weeks. I personally think I’m cursed (because […]

THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP, BY MARIE KONDO ($10.58) It’s certainly no secret that I’m a (big, big!) fan of Marie Kondo’s truly life-changing book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. I’ve told everyone and their dentist about this incredible little book, and am more than happy to sing its praises to you here on the blog. In all honesty, […]

Spaces: A Beautiful Mess | Apartment Therapy Soirée: Sarah Hearts | PROPER Style: Lark & Linen | Dream Green DIY Oh, how I adore the color yellow. Although, truthfully, I feel like I might say that about nearly every color, yellow is one of those hues that stands the test of time for me. It’s a little bit retro, a […]

As we close in on the very heart of summer party season this month, I decided to celebrate with a handcrafted DIY hanging flower ball. It’s easy to make and even easier to customize with your favorite flowers and colors. I used silk faux florals in order to make this project last for years of […]