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I am so, so honored to be sharing a brand new (largely DIY) wedding with you guys today! This event was held in celebration of Michael and Marlee, the latter I have known my entire life. Marlee is the youngest sister of my very best forever friend, Erica, and the daughter of some of the […]

One of the biggest things to happen in 2014 has been my dedication to learn photography inside and out. As I’ve gone along on this blogging journey, I’ve come to realize that photos can easily make or break a website, and so I’ve poured my soul (and much of my savings) into at least sort […]

As you may have caught on, I’ve been particularly into printing family photos as of late. In the past, I tended to think that personal photos leaned a bit towards the “tacky” end of the interior design spectrum, but I’ve since realized that this is just plain silly. Our home essentially is part of our […]

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED. KEEP SCROLLING TO SEE IF YOU’RE THE WINNER!! It’s officially fall and subsequently, it’s officially fall wedding season! Now that our refrigerator has begun to fill with Save The Dates and notices for “Formal Invitations To Follow,” I can’t help but ponder the art of the modern day wedding gift registry. When […]

As my local readers may know, the latest issue of The Burg focused on all things wedding, and yours truly maaayy have popped up a time or two! I was so excited to get to work with the team to share a few snippets from our April 2012 wedding, plus I was able to work in a […]