Monthly Archives: July 2011

As I hinted in the post right before my small hiatus from the blogosphere, I decided to redo our laundry room. The main thing was to get all of the clutter under control – This room is our main go-to storage space for tools/hardware (I think we now officially have a supply of these on […]

Ya know how when things are FINALLY settling down in your life – Like after you’re a couple weeks into your new job and starting to feel like you MIGHT get the hang of things soon, or when a new house is finally starting to feel like home? Well it’s times like these that fate […]

Like anyone with a passion for DIY, I’ve amassed a rather large collection of tools. From twine and mini screw drivers, to four or five different kinds of 3M tape – You name it I’ve got it. But oddly enough, my DIY tool kit was one of the most messy spots in our house! I […]

Is anyone else just SOOOO ready for Fall? Here in Virginia, things feel like they are melting it’s so hot. Reminds me of that awesome Perrier commercial they have running all the time these days: Love that for some reason. But anyways, I’m back today to give you the final run down of my silhouette […]

Good morning!!! It’s good to be back in the blogging seat again…The break was definitely a necessity though – Last week was nuts to say the least. Between my second week at the new job (which is going well by the way!) and housesitting, my routine has been so off the tracks that my blog […]

Well guys…It’s finally caught up with me…A crazy few months that includes an engagement, a new job, a big move – I think I am going to finally admit that it’s time for a breather. I’m also house/pet-sitting for family friends for the next week, so I’m not in my studio/office with my resources available […]

I think that, no matter if you’re a 25-year-old with no kids or a mom of four, the idea of putting together a delicious and healthy dinner at the end of the day can be a bit of an annoyance. It’s certainly not something I looked forward to, even when I was single living by […]

If you’re a regular here at DreamGreenDIY, then you know I usually post a “Thrift Store SCORE!” on Thursdays. Unfortunately, due to household budgetary restraints, I’ve decided to make these features a once-a-month thing…Plus we are sort of running out of display room for all of my thrifted treasures 😉 So this is my way […]

Even though this isn’t exactly house-related, I just HAD to share with you our most recently-completed wedding checklist item: the cupcakes. Yes I’m aware that it’s 10:00 in the morning, but is it REALLY ever too early for sugary baked treats? I have definitely been known to eat my little 100-calorie pack of chocolate-colored pretzels […]

I’m not a big traveler…I am typically very content to stay riiiiiiight here at home in my cushy comfy house without having to worry about finding places to eat or bathrooms in unfamiliar territory. I like KNOWING where things are and being able to plan with ease. Luckily John’s the same way. But my best […]