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Monthly Archives: August 2011

We are back with another installment of “Mag Tag” – This time we’re flipping through the latest Better Homes and Gardens, the September issue. There were so many fun features between this month’s pages! And most of them were all about my favorite time of year: Fall…Oh, how I have enjoyed my morning walks with […]

As with all of my Pinspiration Monday posts, I started by grabbing a screen shot (specifically using Jing – SUCH a neat program btw) of the pin I used as inspiration. So over I went to Pinterest, where I was immediately distracted by all the AMAZING things people are pinning these days! Everything from outfits […]

Last week, I made a bold statement about having a certain something special up my sleeve. John and I planned a Saturday day trip a ways out-of-town to a REALLY neat antique store we’ve been to once (even posted about it here). I had a verrryyyyy specific purpose in mind for this trip and was […]

I recently received a reader question that I just had to share – As you can probably tell from the title of this post, it involves dorm room decor! Given the time of year (back to school!), I figured it was the perfect thing to chat about today. Read on: “Hi, I remember reading something […]

So here’s where I left off with this project…In complete disaster: I attempted to use copy paper cut outs to mask off the shape of clothespins, but my stencils were a bit too flimsy to keep the paint from slipping under the edges. Noooo good. So I decided to start from scratch. I ended up […]