Monthly Archives: December 2011

Along with our recent blogging face lift with new background and brand spankin’ new pages (a room-by-room project gallery, Etsy store full of thrifted finds you can buy and an updated house tour), you may have also noted a few professional photos of yours truly peppered throughout. We had our much-anticipated and long-awaited (at least […]

Ever since I saw this post over on the Young House Love blog, I knew what I was getting my mom and future mother-in-law for Christmas… My mom has collected Cat’s Meow figurines for as long as I can remember. Part of the reason they are so special to our family is that our first […]

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday 🙂 Rudolph Sandwiches: sliced sandwich bread peanut butter classic style mini pretzels red and green M&Ms Cover the bread with peanut butter and then slice into triangles. Put two mini pretzels at the top of the “long” side to make the antlers. Then make two […]

It’s SOOOOOO close!!!!!! Only two more days until Christmas – It really is “the most wonderful time of the year.” My sister is home and my family’s well-deserved gifts are piled beneath our tree ready to be hauled over to my parent’s house tomorrow night (I’m super lucky that they live only 12 minutes away). […]

So you know how sometimes you arrange a room, but if just doesn’t feel quite right (it happened in the studio a few months ago)? Well I was struck with this very conundrum over the weekend with our master bedroom. Last month, I took a leap and switched the bed to a different wall – I thought […]

A miracle occurred over the weekend. I finally got some decent pictures of our scatter-brained and constantly pitter-pattering “kids.” There’s barely a moment of stillness for these little animals. But behold! The magic of three close-to-crisp photo moments: I was inspired by this pet photo project I came across on a blog I’ve recently fallen in love with – […]

Hoot hoot! Guess what came home with me after our latest thrift store outing. Here’s a hint – It’s something that rhymes with “dowel”… So here’s the story. John and I went to our favorite second-hand estate store and got down to business scoping out the week’s wares. We had discussed playing a little game where the […]

Oh how I despise disarray. It keeps me up at night, it makes me cry and it makes it very difficult to enjoy happy company with me. For the sake my our relationship (sarcasm), I asked John if we could get to work on fixing our paint can supply situation. After putting the last swipe/roll […]

So what were you guys up to this weekend?? It’s getting down to crunch time for the holidays, so I know many of you may have been out doing last-minute Christmas shopping. Or, if you’re like my dad who thinks “last-minute Christmas shopping” is the day before Christmas, then maybe you kicked back with your […]

So I think it’s high time I updated you guys on our wedding plans! I’ve talked about our engagement, the bird theme, our idea to use vintage plates instead of renting plain white ones and our AMAZING cupcake situation. Today, I want to chat about style. I won’t say TOO much since John’s not to […]