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Our engagement photos

Along with our recent blogging face lift with new background and brand spankin’ new pages (a room-by-room project gallery, Etsy store full of thrifted finds you can buy and an updated house tour), you may have also noted a few professional photos of yours truly peppered throughout. We had our much-anticipated and long-awaited (at least for me) engagement photo shoot.

You know how every bride has her “thing?” Well mine is photos. There is absolutely nothing that matters more to me than the photos from our wedding – They are the only things to last beyond the actual day, after all. So I thought long and hard about my choice of photographer. The choice came down to two INCREDIBLY talented photographers in our area, but I eventually chose Katie Stoops. She is an award-winning photographer whose work has been published in a cookbook (which you can peruse and/or purchase here) and has been featured in Southern Living Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides and many more! I love that we can go to Barnes & Noble, flip open a glossy wedding mag and see our wedding photographer published!!! Who knows? Maybe you’ll see her photos of us in there someday 😉 Kidding…

This is Katie along with her husband, Dave, and two dogs:

(Photos are by Adam Barnes – yet another local photography GENIUS. He did my sister’s senior portraits several years ago and anyone who can make my broody little sister smile is miraculous. Check out his full blog post of the Stoops’ here)

As you can probably tell, we L-O-V-E her and I couldn’t be more pleased with our choice. She’s a down-to-earth gal who adores her dogs (and ours too now) – What’s not to love? The kicker was that, during our entire engagement session romping around in the grass and climbing onto brick walls, she somehow understood John’s odd humor. It was meant to be.

So when we got a package of our prints and photo DVD at our front door with her seal on it, I was ecstatic and decided to fill our house with the pictures right away (at 6:42 in the evening – sorry for the terrible nighttime, indoor lighting).

When I hung photos in our stairwell gallery last month, I had in mind to eventually replace the photos with our soon-to-be taken engagement shots. So moments after popping the seal on the envelope, I had the frames off the wall and ready to be re-filled.

Here’s what we had to work with after I laid everything out on the kitchen counter:

I popped a few of the 4×6 prints in frames I had lying around (…who am I kidding – JUST for this purpose) and then I put the 8×10’s into the big frames from the staircase. I wanted to fill the collage frames I have up in the stairwell matted for three 4×6 prints, but the orientation of the frame was meant for horizontal photos, which we didn’t get many prints of. So I just left those as is and filled the big 8×10 frames.

I didn’t get any photos of the new prints up on the wall because by this point it was after 7:00 at night and there was absolutely NO natural light to speak of. But trust me when I say that the stairwell is looking pretty schnazzy  now. I adore walking past our new portraits every day.

And since I’m nothing if not excited about this whole thing, I thought I’d leave you with several more shots and the back story behind our shoot locations.

John really wanted to wait until November (he’s a cold weather type of guy) to take our photos and I eventually relented because…Well, because I love him! Although I was dreading the chilly temperature, it turned out to be a beautiful day. The first location was at our home where we got to show off our completely redesigned living room (more on those photos to come) and of course the other main man in my life, Rocky the dog. After that, we headed over to Old City Cemetery for the rest of the session. I know you must think we are crazy to take our engagement photos at a cemetery but this historic landmark is just stunning with its antique buildings, rolling hills, metal archways and hundred-year-old trees. We couldn’t have chosen a better location and the afternoon went by way too fast…

Katie did a beautiful job capturing us that day and I canNOT wait for see what she is able to give us from our wedding day in April.

Thanks for letting me gush!! Oh and this was totally unplanned, but today is Katie’s birthday – Happy birthday, Katie!

If you have any professional photos of yourself gracing the blogisphere, please share! I love looking through crisp, clean photography…

P.S. Katie posted about our fun photo shoot over on her website too – Check that out (with a few extra photos) here.

(In case you didn’t catch on, photo credit and copyright for all images goes to Katie Stoops :))

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Home sweet home

Ever since I saw this post over on the Young House Love blog, I knew what I was getting my mom and future mother-in-law for Christmas…

My mom has collected Cat’s Meow figurines for as long as I can remember. Part of the reason they are so special to our family is that our first cat was a black cat named Belle, and we always associated the signature black kitty printed on all Cat’s Meow homes and building with our Belley-Boopster (one of Belle’s many odd family nicknames). Now having spent time over at John’s parent’s house, I noticed that his mom is also a collector of Cat’s Meow. All the signs were pointing to a custom Cat’s Meow piece for their Christmas gifts.

But let’s talk numbers…A custom Cat’s Meow to replicate your personal home comes out to $69 apiece. This seemed like a LOT of money until I saw that you could get a multiple keepsake discount if you bought more than one. In this case, each one would cost $49. Not a huge difference but that extra $20 in savings sealed the deal in my mind.

After waiting until it was time to start thinking about actually ordering the pieces for the holidays, I got my pen and order form ready and started to read the fine print. The words “Multiple quantities must be of the same design” broke my heart a little…I wanted two different designs, so my idea was now out the window. I was about to scrap the whole plan when it suddenly occurred to me that I have a degree in art (and a father who is a professional wood craftsman) that should have been employed from the get-go.

I looked through dad’s wood scraps in his shop and found a piece of poplar (or pine – I always mix up the two) that would do just fine, then penciled on the shapes of the two homes for dad to cut around. A quick turn through his saw, and we were ready to paint. Here is the beginnings of the one for my mom:

With as steady a hand as I could manage, I was able to get the base coat on the majority of the piece. I just used some acrylic paint I had on hand, so the grand total of this project (including scrap wood from my dad’s shop) came in at $0 – Not bad when I had originally been planning on spending about $70!

The painting aspect of this project ended up being a little more involved then I had anticipated, but I think it was just because of all the detail work. I am not a painter by trade  (I draw graphite portraits) so all of those tiny windows and color changes were enough to put this very impatient girl in tears. But (trust me mom, if you are reading this) it was definitely worth it in the end.

This is a photo of John’s childhood home that we asked his dad to send us for reference during the painting process:

And here’s my version of the Cat’s Meow with its first coat:

The rest of the process was just a lot of layers and coats to get the paint nice and smooth so you couldn’t see the wood beneath. Did I mention this project required a lot of patience?? Again, it was so worth all of the effort in the end.

Here’s a detail of the little black kitty (my favorite part)!!

The details definitely aren’t crisp and the lines definitely aren’t straight, but based on the happy gasps and plentiful “Thank you!”s from the two main ladies in my life, I feel like this is one of those times when “it’s the thought that counts.” I am very happy that I decided to DIY these little keepsakes and I am so pleased that my mom and John’s mom loved them – That’s really all that matters.

What kind of gifts did you guys DIY this Christmas?

(Photo credit for Cat’s Meow “My World Keepsake” image: here)

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday 🙂

Rudolph Sandwiches:

  • sliced sandwich bread
  • peanut butter
  • classic style mini pretzels
  • red and green M&Ms

Cover the bread with peanut butter and then slice into triangles. Put two mini pretzels at the top of the “long” side to make the antlers. Then make two eyes and a nose with M&M’s. Admire the extreme cuteness and then enjoy!

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Alyssa’s Secret Santa gift

It’s SOOOOOO close!!!!!! Only two more days until Christmas – It really is “the most wonderful time of the year.” My sister is home and my family’s well-deserved gifts are piled beneath our tree ready to be hauled over to my parent’s house tomorrow night (I’m super lucky that they live only 12 minutes away). The lot of us are headed to John’s parent’s house tonight where they are hosting a Christmas desserts party – Looking forward to some tasty treats and family time.

But before all of the big festivities draw me away from the internet and this here blog, I wanted to give you the low-down on a DIY Secret Santa gift I made for one of my good friends, Alyssa. We had our gift exchange on Tuesday so I’m free to share this project with you all – No surprises to ruin here since she is (I hope) already enjoying her gift 🙂

Oh and since I love showing off my LOVELY, gawwwwgeous friends, meet Alyssa (and her sweet boyfriend, Casey, too):

You may actually recognize this project…It was one of my very first do-it-yourself projects – In fact, I didn’t have the tutorial photographing know-how back then and showed mostly “After” shots…So this time, I made sure to photograph the heck out of the steps so that you can try it out for yourself!

Here’s how to make your very own framed necklace organizer:


  • peg board
  • frame
  • drawer pulls (the fancier and more colorful the better)
  • wood glue
  • nails

The very first thing you need is a frame. This will dictate the size of the peg board, so go ahead and track that down first. I have a go-to vintage frame shop in downtown Lynchburg when I need an old, open frame, but you can find new ones at craft or framing stores. Or just go to your local thrift store and look for an old painting – More than likely you can pop the old art out and give the frame a new life.

Here’s the one I picked up:

Now you know I’m not going to give my sophisticated and hip friend a dawdy old wood frame…The size and curvy edge was right, but I knew I was going to hit it was a bright color to bring it into the modern age. I chose a soft yellow to give it feminine pizzaz.

Much better…I wasn’t expecting the grain to show through (that’s what I get for taking home an oak wood frame, which has a deeper grain then most woods), but I actually learned to like the lines and cracks through the paint. I feel like it gives it a bit more character.

As you can see from the photo above, we also picked up our peg board. If you’ve read the first post where I originally documented this project, you’ll note that John cut our peg board to size using a hack saw…This time, we took the easy route and had the handy-dandy lumber department man at Lowe’s cut it down to size for us. We brought the frame in to the store one night and the guy measured and cut our piece of $8 board to fit perfectly inside the lip of the frame in about five minutes. For FREE! Love love love that they do that for their customers…And I have plenty of leftover board for future projects – Bonus!

After letting the spray paint dry over night, I flipped the frame over and put a line of wood glue down all four sides of the frame’s inside lip. Then I gingerly laid the board on top and, being too lazy to trek downstairs for clamps, I proceeded to weigh it down with odds and ends from the kitchen: A cookbook, a platter of fruit and our new dog treat jar.

See the wood glue there on the edge above? Don’t worry – It dries clear and you won’t see it once all is said and done. That sat for another day to dry completely and then it was time for the f-u-n part…The drawer pulls!!!

I actually picked up a handful of painted drawer pulls from Anthropologie a few months ago with no idea what to use them for. None of them matched but I fell in love with the different colors and patterns. When I decided to make this gift for Alyssa, I knew I had stumbled upon the perfect use for the pretty pulls.

Now this is where the peg board comes in handy…All I did to attach the pulls was to unscrew the bolt on the back and play around with the placement by slipping the screw through the different holes on the board. When I found a spot I liked, I screwed the bolt on the back and we were done! Two more placements later, the piece was almost finished.

The last step was to grab John’s bold cutters and snip the protruding screws off the back. Drawer pulls need long screws to attach to a drawer front, but we don’t need all that extra metal for this project. The bolt cutters are an absolute God-send – It takes NO strength at all to bite through tough metal. I highly recommend picking up a pair. I think ours cost about $15.

In no time, we went from this…

…to this!

Now the frame can lay flush against the wall. And perhaps the easiest part of all is the hanging – All Alyssa needs to do is decide on where she wants to hang it and put two nails through the peg board holes towards the top. Can’t get much simpler than that!!!

To imagine it hung and full of necklaces, here’s what mine looks like today:

I hope she loves her new necklace organizer – I had so much fun making it for her!

Merry Christmas to Alyssa, her family and to all of you – I’m planning on lying low the early part of next week, but I’ll be back with a holiday recap and more fun projects on Wednesday. See you then!

Psst – I did more of my blogging thing over on Breathe Magazine’s website yesterday – This time, we are talking pattern trends of 2011. Be sure to check it out and throw in your own two-cents in the comments section! I know you have a lot of creativity to add…

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Furniture crawl

So you know how sometimes you arrange a room, but if just doesn’t feel quite right (it happened in the studio a few months ago)? Well I was struck with this very conundrum over the weekend with our master bedroom. Last month, I took a leap and switched the bed to a different wall – I thought I liked it, but after living with the arrangement for several weeks things just weren’t working.

Here was the original original placement of the bed:

Then the next arrangement from the same camera angle:

And now, here’s the latest changeroo from, yet again, the same angle:

All I did was move the bed to the opposite wall beneath the window. Usually I don’t like putting a bed in front of a window, but our bed is a very low platform frame so it hardly blocks any of the view (not that the curtains are ever open to show said view – I prefer the soft white light shining through the linen rather than seeing the row of townhouses behind our house).

The biggest improvement was in the flow of the space. Both positions of the bed chop the room in half, but its the placement of that little cut through by the foot of the frame that counts. Before, I had to swing around the bed to get to the closet and the bathroom. But now, I just flow right and then left with easy movement and no sudden shifting. I know it seems like a few harsh turns wouldn’t make much of a difference, but when you’re in a hurry and need to grab a sweater or brush your teeth as you’re rushing to get out of the house, that extra moment really counts.

For a bird’s-eye-view to help you picture things, here’s a top level floor plan – The bedroom is at the back of the house:

Here’s the view from the bedroom door (all previous shots were taken from the closet door frame):

And since we are at it and the afternoon was so shiny and warm, perfect for a good photo shoot, here are several more details of the master bedroom as it stands today. We are loving the grey walls and pops of color and pattern throughout. It’s really a dream space for me and I think John adores it just as much as I do.

I think it’s kind of neat how the bright light streaming through the white textured linen almost gives the bed this hugely regal and angelic head-board.

For more photos of rooms as they stand today, check out our recently updated  house tour!

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Pinspiration Monday: Fancy treats

A miracle occurred over the weekend. I finally got some decent pictures of our scatter-brained and constantly pitter-pattering “kids.” There’s barely a moment of stillness for these little animals. But behold! The magic of three close-to-crisp photo moments:

I was inspired by this pet photo project I came across on a blog I’ve recently fallen in love with – POSSIBLY more on that project in the future.

But speaking of the “kids,” they inspired this week’s Pinspiration feature. For whatever reason, Rocky the dog has been acting out a bit lately – Accidents here and there, eating out of the sink with us just in the other room (yes, our dog can jump up on the counters – P.S. he’s a medium-sized, 40 lb. hound dog). It was not a good situation. We essentially had to re-house-train him and that was not fun. After a little online research, I discovered that crate training could be a huge plus for ALL of us in this situation. So I borrowed one from my parents (they have three labs) and Rocky has since been “cured” of his badness.

The other part of our training regimen is rewards in the form of treats for good behavior and outdoor bathroom usage. Having a bag of dog treats in the laundry room for us to grab from a couple of times a day was okay…But then I got to thinking and, after perusing Pinterest, I knew I wanted to change something:

Source: Somewhere on Etsy – Although it looks like the original pinned link broke…

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Come on now. TELL me dog treats don’t look so much fancier inside pretty glass jars!!! Although I love the smooth finish and frosted pet name on the first one, I found a jar that is just perfect for our home and style.

Meet our newest thrift store treasure – The dog treat jar:

It only cost $5 and is just BEAUTIFUL! At least we think so. It’s got this great squared Art Deco etching in the glass and is pretty roomy, standing about 8 inches tall. The top, which fits snuggly into the neck of the jar, keeps treats fresh and tasty.

Oh and here’s a quick “Before” (with the new crate visible in the background!):

And now “After!”

It took a little convincing for John to see my logic, but I think he’s come around to our pretty little antique jar o’treats. I’m super excited to have something pretty to look at every time I take the dog out. Plus after we revamped our dog treat container, its location was upgraded as well from the laundry room to the kitchen counter – I think it makes the surface look pretty shnazzy!

What do you think? Do you guys have any other creative ways to store your pet’s treats? Oh the things we do for our “kids”…

P.S. In case you missed out on a couple of announcements last week, we FINALLY updated our house tour, added a room-by-room project gallery and also added a brand new Etsy shop called “Your Thirft Store SCORE!” We are slowly but surely adding more thrifted treasures to the store’s inventory, so check back soon if you don’t see your favorite item. Enjoy!

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“Thrift Store SCORE!” {12/16/11}

Hoot hoot! Guess what came home with me after our latest thrift store outing. Here’s a hint – It’s something that rhymes with “dowel”…

So here’s the story. John and I went to our favorite second-hand estate store and got down to business scoping out the week’s wares. We had discussed playing a little game where the two of us separate, dig through the piles and come back together with a little something in hand. The budget was $5 each and whoever had the coolest treasure won (although what we were supposed to have “won” I’m not sure). I thought seeing our two random cheapo treasures displayed in the house would be a nice memory from the trip.

However, we were diverted by something sparkly catching my eye and our collective $10 (or more like $8.40 after John haggled a bit) went to something just for me – Is my guy awesome or what?

Meet my newest owl – You may remember that I am a bit infatuated obsessed with hoots of any kind (see all about that craziness here). So this little bird was welcomed with open arms into our home.

I’ve really been drawn to metallic things lately and even a little gold, which is different for me. So this little guy with his shiny yellow border and silver belly and eyes was too lovely to ignore. Yeah, it’s a little ’80s-tastic with the disco ball look, but I don’t care. He had me at “shimmer.”

This purchase is actually all thanks for my friend, Megan (you may remember her from this post of yore) – We ended up running into her while we were wandering through the warehouse. She was so excited because she had just come from the warehouse up the street where she bought some jewelry (at a negotiated discount – Go, Megan!). Then she mentioned how she had wanted to text me because there was a beautiful owl “with my name on it” – Of course I made a beeline for the store and John pointed a shiny new toy out to me lying there on the velvet-topped counter. Not entirely sure if this is the one Megan was referring to (there was also an owl pin), but I love him and have already worn him twice.

What have you guys thrifted lately?

P.S. Did anyone happen to notice a couple of cosmetic changes made to DG-DIY? Welp, I finally got around to updating the blah solid-colored teal background to a silvery pattern (told you I’ve been into metallics lately!), and I also switched up the font so it’s not quite so bubbly – I’m hoping it’s a little easier to read. I’d love your thoughts and suggestions. What’s a blog worth if its readers aren’t happy anyway? Anything new you’d like to see? I’m also working on updating the pages – The house tour has FINALLY been updated and I am working on a room-by-room project gallery as well. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Just published our brand new project gallery!! Check out a FULL list of all our room-by-room projects here

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Paint can skyscrapers

Oh how I despise disarray. It keeps me up at night, it makes me cry and it makes it very difficult to enjoy happy company with me. For the sake my our relationship (sarcasm), I asked John if we could get to work on fixing our paint can supply situation.

After putting the last swipe/roll of paint on the walls in our recently finished master bathroom overhaul, I brought my supplies down to the top of the basement stairs and then promptly lived with them sitting there for the next week. I knew what I would find when I took everything downstairs to our then-current paint can storage area and it wasn’t perty.

Essentially when John bought the house the summer of 2010, he inherited a bunch of paint cans. And when we rekindled our friendship and subsequently found a romance (read up on that whole turn of events here), he then inherited a partner who LOVES to paint. Add  on the three or four cans (plus an array of tiny sample cans) that I brought into the mix and we were left with quite a collection. And of course with paint comes piles of supplies too – i.e. paint rollers, paint trays, drop cloths, extension rods, etc.

I had kind of been dreading this particular organization project because I didn’t know where on earth we were going to store it. Up until now, the paint and supplies were kept in the water heater/utility closet in the finished half of our basement. One thought was the fancy industrial shelving unit John and I had assembled in the garage, but that was already full of stuff. To begin the project, I figured the best I could do was just go take stock of everything. When I opened the closet doors, I was met with the image shared above. Not good. Not good at all. Enough to make the tears well up in my eyes (slight sarcasm this time).

Deciding to go ahead and inventory everything, I got down on my hands and knees and then happened to look to the left. (sorry for the fuzzy pics – I was using my point-and-shoot as I was too lazy to trek upstairs for the SLR)

A whole square foot of out-of-the-way storage space that was just begging to be utilized! After I asked John to toss out the handful of plastic drywall corner protectors leaning up in the corner, which I didn’t see us using, I started to shift all the cans over to the empty space. In no time, the cans were rangled, subdued and sturdily nested in each other’s rims – I know they look a bit precarious, but that handy nesting capability keeps my paint can skyscrapers from swaying.

Being a couple of extra inches away from the water heater is also probably a big upgrade in terms of safety when you compare it to their original lean right up against the utilities.

The paint supplies ended up in an empty blue bucket (which I didn’t even know we owned) and the oh-so-scary organization project I had been dreading was DONE!

Is it super sad that that clear area up front makes me smile like a clown with giddiness (creepy image b-t-dubbs, I apologize)? But I know some of you out there can relate to this feeling…And I am beyond relieved that the project ended up being far less tedious then expected. Hooray for making the most of EVERY square inch!

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Pinspiration Monday: DIY Christmas Tags

So what were you guys up to this weekend?? It’s getting down to crunch time for the holidays, so I know many of you may have been out doing last-minute Christmas shopping. Or, if you’re like my dad who thinks “last-minute Christmas shopping” is the day before Christmas, then maybe you kicked back with your feet up watching a movie. To each his/her own 🙂

John and I spent a good part of our Saturday at his parent’s house and had a blast relaxing and visiting with his mom, dad and sister, Kate. After a delicious lunch of fresh deli meat on artisan bread, “the boys” (John and his dad) went out to work on fixing the horn in John’s truck while “the girls” (i.e. Mrs. Waller, Kate and I) stayed inside and put together piles of hand-made Christmas tags. Apparently John’s mom has been wanting to make her own tags for years – I’m so glad that she decided to do so this year and to include me because we had a (very productive) blast!

To get us in the holiday mood we turned on the Christmas music and then settled down to the kitchen table, which was spread end-to-end with Mrs. Waller’s assortment of craft paper, holiday stickers and glue sticks. I don’t even know how long we were at it, but when all was said and done we made somewhere close to 50 tags between the three of us!

I didn’t get any photos of their lovely creations, but after bringing my tags home I arranged them for a little photo shoot – There was no way I could let this project go without sharing the details with you.

But before I get to that, here are a few that I managed to grab from Pinterest as inspiration:

Source: Older and Wiser (bonus points for using a page from “Harry Potter” 🙂 )

Source: Not on the high

Source: The Handmade Home

And now here are the tags I made:

Once I got the hang of things, I started most of my tags by using a precut tag as a template and then cut out a little pile of duplicate tags from scrapbooking paper. Then, using little squares of adhesive tape, I layered on the patterns to give them a little dimension. Some were pizazzed with stickers and others got the stamp treatment (see all about the bird stamps I used here). Lastly, I just popped a little hole out of the top middle for the ribbon with a standard hole punch.

In no time, we were whipping out tags like it was our business! In fact, it was even mentioned during out crafting that we should try our hand at a tag-making business – Maybe we aren’t quite professionals yet, but ya never know what the future may hold!

Below are some of my favorites:

We had a stamp that said “To:” and “From:” but it wasn’t very easy to get on straight…So I ended up hand-writing most of mine. I think the wobbly lettering sort of adds to the home-made quality – At least I hope so!

Photographing the one below away from all of the others made me realize that a little handful of the paper tags I made could be used for ANY holiday, not just Christmas. This one, with its blue and green color scheme, could easily be used for a birthday gift since it’s holiday-neutral.

Here’s the collection I was able to put to the side that didn’t necessarily scream “Christmas” and could be used for any gift:

I can’t wait to attach these to all the boxes and bags under our Christmas tree! It will definitely bring my gift wrapping to a whole new level – I usually just write “To: Mom, From: Carrie” in sharpie right on the paper.

We’ll be sure to let you know if we start our tag-making business 😉 In the mean time, I definitely encourage you all to make this a tradition! It is so much fun and could be just the thing to make use of any scrapbooking paper leftovers you might have.

Happy holidays!

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Wedding Update: Birdcage Veil

So I think it’s high time I updated you guys on our wedding plans! I’ve talked about our engagement, the bird theme, our idea to use vintage plates instead of renting plain white ones and our AMAZING cupcake situation. Today, I want to chat about style.

I won’t say TOO much since John’s not to know the specifics, but my dress is of the vintage flair. To go with it, I wanted to wear a birdcage veil. We are forgoing a big ceremony for a private one with just our immediate family present followed by a big reception (we aren’t great with all-eyes-on-us, thus this compromise suited our style a bit better), so I didn’t need a big long veil with a train. A simple, short birdcage veil seemed like a better option for me.

If you are thinking to yourself “Huh?? A what??” here are some visuals I snagged off of Pinterest:

Source: BelledeBenoir

Source: Love My Dress

Source: PowderBlueBijoux

Welp, I decided that I would try to make it myself! You know I’m an all-out DIY gal if I can help it, so this seemed like a perfect project for me. I did a little internet researching and found that the best way to tackle the project was with a needle and thread. Here’s a supply breakdown:

  1. Needle
  2. White thread
  3. Ivory Russian lace
  4. A cear plastic hair comb
  5. A bright colored flower applique

I actually worked on this project with my friend, Savannah (you may remember her from this post and this one) – She generously offered up her dining room table for an hour or so and we got to chatting about life as I fiddled with needle and thread.

The first step was to cut the lace to size – I think I used about half of the yard that I bought. Then I sort of pulled the lace into pleats every inch or so to create a little half-dome if you will. After I got the shape the way I wanted, I simply sewed the lace onto the comb by running my needle and thread between the prongs/teeth of the comb. It looks like a MESS, but the lace was held tightly and I knew I’d cover up the thready chaos with my flower.

Lastly, I attached the flower applique using the same technique – I just sewed it right into the lace and comb using more needle and thread. The flower had several layers of petals, so I was able to sew through the bottom petals to attach is securely with no one being the wiser of the thread.

Finally, after a bit of trimming around the edges to give it a curved shape, we were all done!

The process was fairly simple and I think I learned a lot. I say “learned a lot” because I’m pretty sure this is going to be my trial run…The flower ended up being a tad small in proportion to the veil, so I think I’m either going to add more lace (and possibly feathers) to this one in order to beef it up a bit, or scrap it and try again with a larger applique. We’ll see!

Have any of you ever tried this before? Any suggestions?

OR, I could just give up entirely and buy a ready-made veil from an expert! While I lamented over my sort-of failure of a first try at Savannah’s house, she mentioned that her sister-in-law, Aury (who I mentioned here), has started her own enterprise with these vintage veils! Check out her Etsy shop, Love is in the Hair ( isn’t that name ADORABLE?!), here – I am seriously contemplating one of her gorgeous designs because they knock my socks off.


All of the designs you see are available for you to snatch up on her site linked to above – Don’t miss out!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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