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Monthly Archives: January 2012

So I did something a little crazy over the weekend…And it’s all because of this lovely inspiration image I snagged off of Pinterest: Source: Live Creating Yourself Yup. That’s right. I painted a wall in our home black. We aren’t talking a charcoaly, deep gray. No, I’m talking blackety black black. But before we get […]

I have to start by saying…”HOLY CRAP! HOW HAVE I NEVER BEEN TO IKEA BEFORE NOW!?” Okay, now that that’s out of my system…I am truly astounded at my level of restraint while trekking the winding aisles of our closest Ikea (in Woodbridge, VA). We are about halfway between the Ikea in northern Virginia and the one […]

Okay, confession time. I’m not exactly sure what made me this way, but I have always been super hesitant to put my still-hot straightener and hairdryer away thinking they will start a fire. Yes, I know that’s a long shot, but I have been known to turn the car around on my way to work […]

We are back this week with another Pinterest-inspired project! Last week’s Monday feature was interrupted in the spirit of more kitchen cabinet painting how-to’s, but things were finally calm at our house by the weekend and I was able to take care of a little something I originally spotted on Pinterest three weeks ago… Behold the latest […]

Confession time this Friday morning… But first, a little week’s end wrap up: After working our tails off for a full week of daily sanding/priming/painting/styling in our now-finished kitchen, I decided that John and I deserved a break from household projects. Don’t worry – I was pretty busy the weekends before the kitchen overhaul, so […]