Pinspiration Monday: Battery storage

I don’t know about ya’ll, but until recently I was in the midst of a huge battle with my batteries. Whenever I needed a fresh one, it seemed that every one I grabbed was dead or dying. I couldn’t understand why this was happening until I took a good, long, hard look at my then-current manner of storing these little tubes of metal.

While I had, at the very least, found a way to keep them TOGETHER in one place stored in a gallon-sized ziplock bag, the jumbled pile of batteries meant that ends were touching and inevitably charging each other out.

As usual, Pinterest came to the rescue with this idea of storing batteries upright in a craft storage box:

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

The multiple compartments meant that my OCD mind could be settled with organized batteries by type/size, and the ends would no longer be a-bumpin’.

So off to Wal Mart we went, after which I came home with this little $4 beauty:

My favorite part is the customization feature – See those extra “Z”s of plastic in the big compartment to the right? Those can be cut down to a pile of extra plastic “walls” to slide in as partitions, allowing you to make special boxed areas based on the size of your materials to be stored.

The little tabs holding the “Z”s together could easily be twisted and snapped off, although they sometimes left little jagged edges. But that was nothing a snip or two with a pair of scissors couldn’t fix.

In my batteries went! I know that you other obsessed-with-organization people can understand the feeling of sheer joy and euphoria that comes with compartmentalized objects in their own cubbies…It was (and is) a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

Although my particular box wasn’t tall enough to house the batteries upright like the one in my Pinspiration image, they store just fine horizontally. To state the obvious, big batteries got their own larger room on the right side of the box, whereas the little dudes got progressively smaller rooms to the left.

As you can see, I had a few extra partitions left over so I’ll be able to section things even further once my dwindling battery collection is replenished.

I love my new battery storage and think that I can finally call myself victorious in this battle. Never thought I’d EVER say this, but now I can’t wait until I see a blinking light telling me I need a new battery.

How do you guys store your batteries? Got any other witty “new uses for old things” tricks up your sleeve? Gotta love Pinterest…

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