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Monthly Archives: March 2012

It’s that time again! Time to virtually flip through a recent issue (no…not “the recent” as I just received a more current mag in the mail – They are too fast for me!) of “Better Homes and Gardens.” We are talking about the March 2012 issue, in case you want to join in the convo […]

Is there anything more annoying than trying and failing to get your cake spatula to fit into the utensil drawer? Well, yeah…there probably is. Like having to wait more than THREE WEEKS for your sizable tax return (::grumble grumble::) – But that pesky over-filled drawer is still up there on my list of pet peeves. Our […]

Good morning and welcome back from the weekend! Just wanted to thank you all so much for your kind words and continued support from last week’s one year blogiversary! It was so nice to hear from everyone and to get your opinion via poll and comments. Based on your feedback, I will be continuing my […]

Well, it’s official. DreamGreenDIY turned one year old yesterday! It has been an incredibly exciting year, what with an engagement, new jobs, new diets and new friends – Not to mention a new passion born from this blog. I started DreamGreenDIY as a way to document the changes of our home and also as a […]

With the new season happily underway, let’s chat about spring cleaning. I’ll readily admit that I winter, fall, quarter-fall, summer and mid-summer clean in addition to the requisite purge session in March/April. My OCD tenancies often get the very best of me and I clean and organize as I go. But for you sane normal people […]