Monthly Archives: April 2012

Good morning and happy Monday to you! John and I are catching a plane to our tropical honeymoon destination as you read this – Wish me luck as this is my first time flying and I’m sure my nerves are a bit frayed…Can’t wait to share all of the wild stories, which I’m sure we […]

Good gracious!! Tomorrow I am getting married…Like any girl, I have been waiting for this day, dreaming about this day and praying for this day ever since I was little. Life has thrown me some major curve balls along my journey to this moment, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m the kind of person […]

Hope your week is going well! I am feeling surprisingly chipper and excited about the weekend’s big event – With only three days until our wedding, there’s really nothing more that I can do. Projects are wrapped up, my planner is coming over this evening to check out all of the many DIY projects we’ve […]

I have really been into fashion lately…Not sure when my focus shifted from home style to clothing and accessories, but I can’t deny my love of a great outfit any longer. Now, I wake up every morning motivated to craft a colorful, cohesive ensemble down to the bracelet. It’s fun to mix and match patterns, colors […]

So pleased to have finally finished up our wedding favors. This project took a bit longer than originally planned, but I suppose that’s bound to happen when dealing with lots of fragile and tiny materials. When last I left you, we had completed 1/3 of the project, having filled the first round of test tubes […]

This past weekend, while John was away on his Bachelor Party outing with friends, I took a little “me time” to do what girls quite possibly do best: Shop. I bought a couple more things for the wedding and also a few more pieces to add to my spring wardrobe (both of which I will […]

Welcome to a new week! I am feeling super motivated and energetic right now – Probably because of a productive weekend full of knocking off wedding projects and taking care of a few things around the house that have been neglected. It feels good to come home and know that my closet is organized, I have a […]

When I think on what makes me like certain blogs over others, it usually has to do with (1) the quality of photography (I’m a sucker for crisp, colorful, well-composed photos) and also (2) a good balance of “the personal stuff.” By that, I mean that my go-to bloggers get real with their readers and […]

Now that the weather is holding steady at a comfortable temperature (well, except for this cold front which had me hurrying through a 50-something degree morning), it’s time for some outdoor projects around the house. I have been itching to whip our back deck into shape, but just haven’t budgeted enough for it. I’m also […]

Only 19 days to go until the big day!! With our wedding right around the corner, I am in “go” mode with all of the little details we still need to get done. There are a few more crafts that I want to finish up before April 28th, but luckily I was able to wrap […]