Meet the 21st century midcentury

Are you guys aware of the 21st century midcentury over on I think I must have caught wind of one or two of their spectacular knockoffs via Pinterest, but the more I find, the more I’m blown away (oh, and this is not a sponsored post btw – I’m just spreading the love of my own free will!). If you’re like me and consider yourself a little midcentury obsessed, then you know that it ain’t cheap. Like hundreds/thousands of dollars “ain’t cheap.” But, thanks to the good old Internet, I’ve found my loophole…

Red Molded Plastic Armchair Rocker in Red – $130.54 (found on ebay for $1,200)

Mid-Century Modern Green Wood Y Wishbone Chair – $159.99 (found on ebay for $399.99)

‘Jericho’ Tan Leather Mid-Century Accent Chair – $262.99 (found on ebay for $1,584)

Retro-classic White Accent Chairs (Set of 2) – $164.58 (set of 4 found on ebay for $2,499.78)

That last one, the set of two retro-classic Eiffel chairs for under $170, was just too good to pass up. Click went my mouse and they were whisked off to our front door.
I even sneaked a peak of the new additions over on Instagram

…but now you get to see the FULL and final look. I am completely and utterly infatuated with these new chairs and already have party plans up my sleeve to give them the arrival celebration they deserve.

If you’re a midcentury freak like me, then you know exactly why I am so smitten.

But as to the original intention, you may remember this post where I lamented about a big wide open space in the living room after rearranging the furniture. It looked great from the front, but when sitting on the sofa with a view of the other side of the room, you could pretty much see tumbleweeds blowing in the vast expanse of nothingness.

A comment from Caroline, of Between Your Ears, suggesting that I add a couple of wingback chairs got the wheels turning overdrive in my mind. It really WAS the perfect spot for more seating. I adapted her idea with my midcentury taste and voila! Two new 21st century midcentury armchairs it is. The space feels so much more balanced now, as though the room was patiently waiting for them to arrive all along.

And for a quick review – These babies are pretty darn comfortable! The scooped back and sides sort of cradle your body nicely, although they are definitely plastic shells so you’re not going to sink into them. While I wouldn’t necessarily curl up in them to watch a movie, they are perfect for active conversation or games around the coffee table.

Have you discovered any deep discounts on your favorite styles of furniture? Do tell!

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P.P.S. Did you hear?? I was asked to participate in Jess Lively’s “Design Your Life” series! I am beyond honored for the special feature and can’t thank Jess and Caitlin enough. See the post here, which is full of my intentions and thoughts on life. 

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