Gift Guide: For The Home

For The Home

Cork Map, $45 | Stockholm Rand Rug, Ikea, $299 | “Mid-Century Modern,” $19.30 | OM Beaker Glass Teapot, $17.95 | Mid-Century Side Chair, $120 | Ink Blot Limited Edition Mug, $34.25 | Marais Stool Yellow, $125 | Rifle Paper Co. Antoinette 2013 Calendar, $20 | French Bull Preppy Container Set, $32 | “Go Big Or Go Home” print, $18

Happy Christmas shopping season!! While this time of year (and all the frenzied buying that goes with it) can be a real stresser for some, I tend to look forward to it. I sometimes guilt myself when it comes to buying things for myself, and there’s certainly NO pleasure in shelling out my hard earned cash towards bills, but I don’t mind one bit when it comes to spending money on the people I love and care about. This is that moment when I get to pull out all the stops and let my creativity run rampant as I try to come up with the PERFECT gift for that special someone.

With all of this in mind, I’m dedicating not one day, not three days but an entire WEEK to gift guides here on the blog. I’ve got lists dedicated to your lady friend, your man friend and even MAN’S best friend (the kind with a penchant for milkbone treats and pillowy beds on the floor). I hope my curated collections help finish off your gift buying to-do list, or maybe just get you started – We all know that starting can be the hardest part…

Instead of saving my favorite gift guide for last, I decided to debut the week of gift ideas with thoughts dedicated to the home. We’ve got books, art, rugs and perky seats to share, plus just a tttiiiinnnyyy bit of self promotion ::wink:: If you have any more suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments section.

Happy shopping!

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