DIY gold coral reef

You guys may remember my first attempt to turn something casual into an impostor of the high end variety – I’ll admit that I was a little leery about spray painting one of my childhood toy horses white to look like a porcelain figurine, but in the end, I love the way it turned out. And apparently, so did a lot of other people because it ended up being one of my most pinned projects to date.

Well, I’m using the same concept on a different figure this time. I’ve been sort of focused on coffee table styling as of late. There are so many gorgeous possibilities when it comes to accessories, greenery and vessels. I’ve also noticed a whole lot of people using coral. Not the natural, colorful kind – Although, one of my favorite pastimes is meandering through the fish section at the pet shop, gazing at all of that pretty swaying coral reef…No, the type designers and homeowners are using on their coffee tables is a nice shimmery golden metal.

Now I don’t happen to have $50 at the ready to purchase one of these gold beauties, but I DO happen to have a can of gold spray paint and $8 for a piece of plastic coral from the pet shop…




Nice coral-y shape, authentic texture, TONS of sculptural appeal – And he’s in my price range of “cheap.” Sold. Literally the only step to this project is to take it to a well ventilated area and give it a few coats of metallic spray paint. I did one coat while it was standing on its base, and another flipped over to reveal the little nooks and crannies I couldn’t get to while it was standing upright. With a day and night to fully dry/cure, I took him back upstairs and set him up along with a brand new coffee table arrangement (to be revealed in full on Friday).




I love the layer of glitz it adds to the vignette and the sculptural details just can’t be beat. Hopefully, our guests will be none the wiser that this pompous little piece of gold coral used to be fit for the bottom of the fish tank. Shhhhh…Don’t tell.

What kind of things have you guys been spray painting lately?

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