Leen Jean Calligraphy Workshop

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-2

This past weekend, Kathleen of Leen Jean Studios and I hosted our first calligraphy workshop at TOOLRY in downtown Lynchburg. This event has been a long time in the making, and it was just incredible to see all of the pieces come together into such a pleasant Saturday morning. From the farmer’s market flowers, to that priceless sunshine, it was an event to remember.

Thank you to Foster & Asher for the beautiful documentation of our day in the studio and to TOOLRY for hosting us. As you can see from the photos below (the ones that I absolutely refused to pare down), this unique, creative space is beyond dreamy. We also want to give another shoutout to our goodie sponsors Sweet Sycamore and Projecteo. And finally, thank you to Kathleen of Leen Jean Studios for being such an inspiring instructor and to those students who came from both near and far to learn this lovely new craft. It was a pleasure!

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-17

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-5

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-1TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-6TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-8TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-10TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-12TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-15TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-16TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-20

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-7TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-56

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-21TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-30

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-58

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-33TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-35TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-36TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-38

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-44

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-43TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-46TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-49

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-45

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-51

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-29

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-55TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-62

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-63

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-54

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-66TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-67

TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-69TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-74TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-77TOOLRY Calligraphy Workshop-79

Images courtesy Foster & Asher

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