A whole lotta letdown.

Sorry for the cliff-hanging teaser I gave you guys on Friday about the chalkboard paint…Especially since we were able to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING  with it.

Such a bummer…I can’t stand when plans fall through. Especially when it involves a really fun (and functional!) piece of wall art for the kitchen. But such is life…And besides, we got to have a really lazy, do-nothing-but-watch-TV-in-PJs-and-eat-junk-food Saturday, which is usually unheard of for me! Big thanks goes to John for putting up with this behavior.

Although I don’t have the finished product to show you, I can at least spill the beans for the idea and INTENDED finished product. I think we should have it up and running either sometime this week or definitely next weekend.

But anyways…Here’s the inspiration for the project:

You can easily buy your own ready-made AWESOME chalkboard calendar wall decal from this Etsy store, but we wanted to try our hand at doing it ourselves! So far, the whole project has cost $20 in chalkboard paint and a new paint brush (seen at the bottom of this previous post). However, the final supply has proven to be a much harder fish to catch…

Thin 1/2″ or 1/4″ masking tape is apparently THE HARDEST THING TO FIND IN LYNCHBURG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s where we went looking for this elusive little roll of tape:

  1. Michael’s
  2. Target
  3. Lowe’s
  4. Sherwin Williams
  5. Advanced Auto Parts
  6. Auto Zone
  7. Walgreen’s

NO ONE had anything smaller than an inch-thick roll. After about place #4 I briefly contemplated just using the inch-thick tape that John had (so thoughtfully) gone and picked up for me, but I just worry that the extra spacing between the 35 boxes of the calendar would make it a little oversized. The thinner the better.

So the new plan is to order some through the auto parts company John works for or somewhere on the internet. I had no idea it was such a speciality item!

So hopefully we will have some finished product to show you next week 🙂

Until then…I thought I’d help you get into my head a little more in terms of my visions for the future! So feast your eyes on our first-floor inspiration boards:

Half Bath




Living Room

Happy DIY-ing!

(Image Credit for Chalkboard Calendar photo; All images in Inspiration Boards are from Google Image searches)

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