“Thrift Store SCORE!” of the Week {3/31/11}

So for this week’s “Thrift Store SCORE!”, I am proud to spotlight our AMAZING living room coffee table. This baby was alllllll John’s doing.

We recently made the 45 minute trip to one of our favorite antique/thrift stores out in Covesville. It’s a bright yellow shop right on the side of Route 29 on the way to Charlottesville (you can’t miss it!).

All of the heaps of old furniture and antiques in the photo above is making me salivate a little…Too much information?

Well it’s definitely a cool place if you’re into that type of thing 🙂

Kat (my sister), John and I piled into my car one Saturday and made the trek. We ended up walking away with a fabulous lamp and our coffee table!

Here’s the lamp as it sits in the master bedroom:

It was actually $70…Which is a HUGE splurge for me, especially on a thrift find. But it screamed “authentic” and is definitely part of the overall theme of mid-century modern that we’re going for.


We spent the rest of the morning wandering through the rooms that are piled practically to the ceiling with furniture, vintage signs, artwork, jewelry, collectibles and dishware. It was definitely an experience going there…I can’t wait to go back!

After working our way through the inside, we then made a tour around the outdoor porch area (a QUICK one because it was February and freezing!). And that’s where we found our coffee table…

Here’s a picture of it in the living room today (the sunlight washes out the table-top details, but they are revealed later in the post – Don’t worry!):

I think John pointed it out and I was like “Oh, neat.” before turning on my heel to get back inside where it was heated. That’s right – I almost missed out on one of our favorite pieces because of the darn weather! Well, after another quick run through inside, John persisted about the coffee table and we braved the elements for one last look.

It definitely had the lines and mid-century mod vibe we were going for, but…While you can’t tell from the photo above, it has this slightly odd brown tile work on the top. Very weird, speckled color and I wasn’t sure that it screamed “1960’s/70’s” to me. Then John had the thought that we could always paint it some bold color like orange or teal. You would still see the tile’s lines, but not the color.


The funny thing is that, when we finally got it home and set up in its place, the tile work suddenly took on a whole new life! We LOVED it!

Here it is in ALL its glory 🙂

The darker brown colors in the tile easily picked up the warm honey tones in the wood floors, and the light-colored grout lines mimic the shag rug underneath. It was just meant to be! Trust us, we aren’t TOUCHING the finish on the top.

Oh and the price? $40. Not too bad for a really well-built table (that Rocky, John’s dog, can jump up onto in excitement when we come home without hurting it at all!)

One last detail…When we put it in the car, upside down, we also noticed that there’s a message written on the underside – Something about the table being a graduation gift using wood from a family farm! LOVE special touches like that 🙂

In case you can’t read it for whatever reason:

To Virginia S Pedding
for graduation present from Mr. & Mrs. Poscoe Emley
Roanoke Indiana
Wood from own farm
July 1970

Happy thrifting!

(Photo Credit for picture of Covesville Antique Shop)

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