“Thrift Store SCORE!” of the Week {4/7/11}

It’s finally time!

I have waited all week to unveil our new TV stand – As you may know, I have been in search of the perfect mid-century modern sideboard to put the flat screen on. Something sort of like these next few photos:

(Sorry if you got excited when starting to read this post and thought that the first picture was our new stand…Oops! Just a fantasy visual)

Or this:

Or even this!

Unfortunately, authentic modern furniture like these pieces cost somewhere around $3,000. Obviously, we aren’t going to drop that kind of money on something (no matter HOW badly I want it)…I thought our search would be fruitless, but I maintained a constant eye on Craigslist and at our go-to thrift shops in town hoping…

All that pessimism was silly though! Because this past weekend, as you know (since I already spilled the beans in this past post), we FINALLY found the (almost) perfect piece for the living room at the Estate Specialist downtown!!!

I say “almost perfect” because there’s one thing I’d change about it if I could…But the price was DEFINITELY right (under $100!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the shape and era were spot on 🙂

So without further adieu…

Love the hardware! Love the distressed wood finish and stain color! Love the 1960’s style legs! Love the brass details! Love the asymmetrical drawer sizes!

Not crazy about the height…

It would be absolutely positively PERFECT if the top set of drawers weren’t there…I think the problem is that it’s meant to be a dresser, not a sideboard. But it certainly has the look we are going for. I know there’s probably a way to saw off the top row and replace the table top on the third set of drawers instead of the fourth, but honestly it’s something I can get used to over time and we can always use it as a guest room dresser in the future if we find something better for the TV.

All of that aside, I’m still completely in love with our new sideboard dresser TV stand 🙂 There is now TONS of storage for records, DVDs, extra blankets and a few board games.

A few of the drawers even have handy wooden divers in them, which has my Type A brain in overdrive thinking of all the organization we can accomplish…

Here are a few detail shots to get you better acquainted with the new member to our furniture family:

I love that it now houses not only the television, but the record player too!

Oh and here are the “before” and “after” whole room shots…


And “After”:

Much warmer and unique…But don’t worry about the original black TV stand! It’s now in the garage serving as the perfect place for John’s stereo (he cranks that up when working on cars). Waste not 🙂

I know it doesn’t look too different at this point through the photos…You may just have to “be there”. But I think the new couch will make a HUGE impact. That’s on the list in the next couple of months. Definitely not going to be a thrift store purchase though – I have a thing against used upholstered furniture…I know we could always find something with the right “bones” and recover it. But doing that wouldn’t be much cheaper than the couch we want from Ikea…Stay tuned!

I’m glad that we persisted in our search and landed upon this $95 mid-century modern dresser – We are so happy that we didn’t give up!

Happy thrifting!

(Photo Credit for dream sideboards)

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