“Thrift Store SCORE!” of the Week {5/12/11}

This was one RANDOM thrifting haul, folks! We’ve got all sorts of things here, but each will serve a distinct purpose in the DreamGreen household.

As you may know, I was away this past weekend on vacation, so I wasn’t able to do any thrifting. But John and I took care of a couple-week’s-worth of hunting the weekend before (this was when we also picked up last week’s “Thrift Store SCORE!”).

We did plenty of walking that particular Saturday – There weren’t any major plans on our agenda so we took our time leafing through albums and weaving between furniture in the aisles. But one arm load and $22 later, we came away with the pile(s) below (plus four records and a lamp not seen below – The lamp WAS given a second’s worth of fame at the bottom of this post though).

  • Clock: $7
  • Plastic yellow vase: $1
  • Weird plastic-encased succulent candle holders: $1 each (wait till you see some details of these – Just bizarre)
  • Brass candlesticks: $1 each
  • Two hat boxes: $5 each

Now for some details – Here’s the clock:

Oddly enough, you can actually put something inside of the glassed-in clock box and spin it around on its lazy-susan-type base. Not sure why you would want to do that though…I think I’ll either leave it empty or put something SUPER random in it, like fortune cookie fortunes.

Here’s the vase:

Needs a good wipe down…But I loved the shape! I plan on giving it a fresh coat of spray paint so that it gets a brand new identity. Maybe put some tiny paper-adorned branches in it? Like this (great how-to tutorial here, btw):

Then we’ve got the candlesticks to investigate:

The brass ones are pretty standard, so I’m going to fix that with a coat of white spray paint to modernize them and really show off their curves 🙂

But for now, they are dirty, dark and waxy…

And then there are the completely random and weird succulent candle holders:

When I saw these little guys perched on a shelf OVERFLOWING with other candlesticks, I think I actually laughed out loud. There’s something so bizarre (but also completely fetching) about them! I don’t even know if they need candles to be awesome – Right now, they are candle-less on the new oak shelves in the living room (original arrangement of accessories seen at the bottom of this post).

And finally, the hat boxes!

I love storage just like the next Type-A/OCD girl, but PRETTY storage takes the cake. So I hastily grabbed these to use as a wrangler of hand towels in our linen closet. When I opened one of them up to investigate and photograph the interior, I got a little surprise:

An old pair of lady’s leather gloves and two embroidered handkerchiefs were nestled inside the box’s tissue paper! The gloves are TEENY tiny – Too small for my hands, but they might be a sweet little decoration somewhere and same with the hankies.

Gotta love unexpected treasures! (I think this is the closest I’ll ever get to real buried treasure…)

But here are the boxes all full and happy in the linen closet

Oh how I adore functional thrift store scores 🙂

Happy thrifting!

Sidenote: That linen closet is now FULL of linens thanks to the continued task of moving…Stay tuned tomorrow for {Part Two} of the move-in process!

(Photo credit for branches with paper leaves: here)

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