Monday Inspiration: Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!!!

Nothing says “Summer” like bunches of colorful blooms…With that said, I’m the first to admit that I lurrrrve me some silk flowers – You just can’t beat their immortality. But I am well aware that they are a little cheesy in high quantities.

Seeing all of the lovely arrangements that designers, fellow bloggers, and friends/family are sharing these sunny warm days is definitely giving me a little push to jump into the world of gardening (or at least picking up a few bouquets from the grocery store). Although they aren’t exactly the cheapest thing you can use to decorate a room since they need to be replaced once a week, they add a certain kind of warmth and life that a refinished table top or bright colorful lamp just can’t evoke.

Let’s take a few moments to drool over flowers and the subtle-yet-elegant impact they make on a room.

Flowers can play off of your color scheme:

Or freshen up a laundry room:

You can always use trees or heavy potted leafy plants too!

They can welcome your guests in an entryway:

Or flowers can just be flowers – Brightening a space and adding an airy, natural feel to a room:

If we can budget for it, I think that picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers from the grocery store on our Sunday trips could be a nice new tradition. If we can get a big enough bunch, it wouldn’t be too difficult to separate some stems from the bouquet to spread throughout the house in little bud vases too.

And you know I can’t end this post without at least a FEW wedding-related flower photos!!! Getting excited to start planning that part of our reception 🙂

Happy Monday!!

(Photo credit for pink bedroom – Sarah Richardson: here; purple buds: here; laundry room – Sarah Richardson: here; laundry room – Better Homes and Gardens: here; living room #1 – Emily Henderson: here; moderns stone living room: here; entryway: here; entryway flowers closeup: here; living room #2 – Emily Henderson: here; purple flowers in green room: here; blue room with purple flowers: here; Petal Flower Company: here; peonies: here; poppies, peonies, roses, etc.: here; red/white bouquets – Katie Stoops Photography: here)

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