A Little Taste of the Moulin Rouge

We all know that art is subjective…What we choose to put up on our walls is purely a matter of taste, so there really IS no “right” or “wrong”. I know that some of you out there will probably hate what I’m about to show you, but that’s okay 🙂 To each her own!

As you may know, John and I have been slowly building up our living room – We bought a new couch, added art, and did a little wall painting (most recently our stenciled wall, which I am almost ready to reveal in all its glory). The room is FINALLY starting to feel finished and “us”, although I have a feeling that it will never be completely “done”. I’m the kind of nester/home-maker who likes to tweak things constantly, just to create new edge in a room.

Our most recent update was a little art switcheroo. I’ve never actually pointed the original set of prints out to you, so here’s what I was working with before they got the boot:

The three pieces are actually just some images I found online that I printed on regular copier paper and stuck in some frames (once black and silver, now spray-painted white). They were pretty much place holders until I could find something a little more substantial and interesting. But they’re super cute little place holders, right?? I especially like the middle one that says “Home Sweet Mid-Century Modern Home” 🙂 I’m actually thinking of relocating them to the laundry room as some punchy graphic wall art since I’m having some issues with the art I had planned to use…See that debacle here.

Over the weekend, I went out with my mom in search of more vintage china for the wedding. While we were there I happened to come across a beautttiiiffullll framed print by one of my favorite artists, Toulouse-Lautrec. For those of you who aren’t ridiculously obsessed with art history like moi, you may recognize this particular artist from the Moulin Rouge movie of 2001. He was the short character with a love for all things alcoholic and philosophical. Toulouse was a real person and artist back in the late 1800’s and became one of the greatest artists of the Post-Impressionist era, my favorite period in art.

Here’s a smattering of his paintings:

All pretty provocative images for the end of the 19th century…Women dancing together, ladies lying around dressed in slips, etc.

Okay, okay…I know this is all getting a bit academic. So let’s get to the point.

When I stumbled upon the framed Lautrec print I knew I had to have it…Mom was a little less convinced, but I loved the print and it also seemed like a great new conversation piece for the living room (didn’t hurt that it totally reminded me of something Emily Henderson, my idol, would pick out). So up to the register we went!

Here are a few details:

I even love the frame…Which is a combination of distressed gold-painted wood and natural canvas.

Oh, and I was able to get it down to $24, I think. Not bad!

The back is a little damaged to say the least, but who cares – No one is going to see that side, and it doesn’t affect the front. This is also when I found out that the piece was originally from a New York art distribution company 🙂 Happy surprise!

But let’s see it up on the wall already, right??


And now after!

As I said, not everyone will agree with me – But I think the new piece is so much more sophisticated and professional. It’s hard NOT to be when you go from cute-sy posters printed off the internet to a professionally framed art print from New York. It’s also got the same muted teal, yellow and orange color palate we’ve got going on in the room. I love how the metallic frame adds a touch of elegance and continues to bring out the warm yellows throughout the space.

And as luck would have it, John approved 🙂 PHEW!!!

Hope everyone has a delightful weekend!

(Photo credit for Toulouse-Lautec paintings: here)

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