Happy one year, DreamGreenDIY!

Well, it’s official. DreamGreenDIY turned one year old yesterday! It has been an incredibly exciting year, what with an engagement, new jobs, new diets and new friends – Not to mention a new passion born from this blog.

I started DreamGreenDIY as a way to document the changes of our home and also as a way to share my daily interior design inspiration. I didn’t really have any major goals when it came to the blog, but now one year later I can safely say that I love doing it. You can read up all about the readership, my guest blogging and general stats in this post from the beginning of the year, but I always want (and need) to give a big shoutout to YOU, my readers. DG-DIY would be a complete flop if it weren’t for the continued support and suggestions offered by all of you. So thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

As I enter into my second year as a crafting/nesting blogger, I plan on implementing a few changes. But since this blog is just as much for me as it is for you, I wanted to get some outside opinion and insight. I invite you to share your honest thoughts by taking part in the polls below (and, of course, in the comments section) as I let DG-DIY evolve into a brighter and more helpful blog.




As for definite changes, I am creating a new feature (probably on a random schedule) that will be image-based. Sometimes I feel like I could type and type and type about something that inspires me, but not really get the feeling across. But we all know that photos speak their own language, one that I think is sometimes more effective.

When I was in school studying art, I loved to make collages – Splattering paint and water all over a big canvas and then pasting on pieces of patterned tissue and watercolor paper. It was so organic and I loved the color scheme that would emerge without intention. I’d like to try to recreate that sort of mismatched collage with images of homes, rooms, colors and patterns that inspire me. Stick around for that!

Check out my artist’s website here if you’re curious about that side of my life.

One last change – And this one is actually a bit of a doozy…

When I started DreamGreenDIY one year ago, I went into it thinking that John would be a major part of the blog. I even has the idea that he’d write a post or two. But that just didn’t end up being the case…It has become clear that the blog is my baby. While John is still just as much a part of the background, behind-the-scenes stuff, I’ve decided to take full ownership of the blog in general. If you haven’t already noticed, you’ll see this shift in the “About” page and in the home page photo. But all of you on “Team John,” don’t worry – He’ll always show up in post photos and stories. While we didn’t end up sharing blogging responsibilities, we still very much share a life together – Duh! 🙂

Thank you in advance for your feedback and thanks again for making this blog the success that it is. Here’s to an even bigger and better year number two!!!

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