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When I think on what makes me like certain blogs over others, it usually has to do with (1) the quality of photography (I’m a sucker for crisp, colorful, well-composed photos) and also (2) a good balance of “the personal stuff.” By that, I mean that my go-to bloggers get real with their readers and spill ALL of the beans. They share photos of themselves every now and then and are willing to chat about daily family life rather than simply their blogging niche (ex. styling, DIY projects, graphic design). I want to know the person behind the words – When I get to know the life behind a blogger I respect, it makes me feel almost like a friend instead of just an audience.

So, I am going to do my best to share a little bit more about my life with you all – I think the majority of you know my hands more so than my face, since photos like these are about as close as you get to seeing me in action:

So here’s to getting to know the girl behind the hand!

As you may know (or at least understand), the most pressing personal topic on my mind has to do with wedding bells, white dresses and an hors d’œuvre menu. Only 15 days to go until the big day!! So, even though is happened back in February, I’ve been itching to share photos from my bridal shower. It was a lovely event with friends and family and I had so much fun celebrating with the main ladies in my life.

My best friend’s younger sister Marlee (who also happens to be our oh-so talented cupcake baker for the wedding reception, as gushed about here), was kind enough to take photos throughout the party and they are such a great testament to the memory.

You can’t really see here, but the glass I’m holding is painted with sweet wedding words like “bride,” “wedding bells” and “love.” Cute as can be – I took it home after the party and John served me a chocolate milkshake in it the other night. Was a nice little pick-me-up to remember the shower.

This is me and my little sister, Kat. I’ve talked about her on the blog a good bit as well, but she’s someone nearly impossible to catch on film. She avoids cameras like the plague, but we set up an agreement in advance that she would be open to picture-taking during the months leading up to my wedding. So far so good. You’ll even see her in one more photo in this post – It’s a miracle…

P.S. Can you believe that that’s our natural hair texture? Mine is sleek and straight and Kat’s is a wild mane of curly goodness.

This is me with two of my best friends, Savannah and Erica. We’ve known each other pretty much since birth – In fact, Erica and I joke that we truly have known each other since birth as we share the same birthday (which happens to be next week!). I am so lucky to have kept the same friends for all these years…26 years and counting!

I should mention that the hosts of this shower are more ladies whom I have known for my entire life. They are all mothers of my good friends (Savannah and Erica’s included) and have been there for my mom all these years. They are each so special to me in their own way and, again, I’m so lucky to have had them support me throughout my life.

They worked so hard on the party to make it special, complete with games and little tokens for me to take home – Including this little table, which featured a glass bowl and precut hearts. Guests would take a heart and write a little word of wisdom for me to share with John throughout our marriage. Some were silly (“Never fart in front of your spouse”) and others were more serious (“remember to laugh”). When we get our photos back from the wedding, I think I’ll use them to decorate scrapbook pages.

Although you can’t tell from these happy warm photos, the day happened to be the moment our town was hit with a massive snow storm. For our sleepy little town of Lynchburg, Virginia, it was almost like a blizzard – So I was super impressed and surprised when everyone made it to the party. As guest after lovely guest arrived, Marlee offered to take some portraits.

This is me with John’s mom and sister:

And this is me with my mom’s best friend, Kim:

And me with my best friend, Bethany (who I’ve chatted about here):

After playing a few games, like “Guess the Seasoning” where Miss Barbara came around with a tray of powdered seasoning in mini cups for us to identify by smell and looks only…

…it was time for gifts – I will never be able to thank my friends and family enough for all of the amazing things I was given that day! The shower was kitchen themed so I received things like a white porcelain punch bowl, an owl measuring cup set (seen also here), a food chopper and cupcake tupperware.

Even though we are not having a rehearsal dinner (we opted for a private ceremony with just us and immediate family members), my friends still wanted to follow the tradition of making me a bouquet from all the ribbons and bows taken from the gift boxes. Another fun memento from the afternoon.

It was an awesome day and I felt more special than I think I ever have in my whole life. It was so much fun to have all of my favorite women in one room – Can’t wait until the reception when I get to see EVERYONE important to me in one big space.

Has anyone else thrown, been thrown or heard of some fun bridal shower themes? I’ve seen outdoor themed ones, dessert-only themed ones and even a “Stock the Bar” theme! I love hearing all of the creative ideas out there…

Hope you have a great weekend!

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