Wedding favors = DONE!

So pleased to have finally finished up our wedding favors. This project took a bit longer than originally planned, but I suppose that’s bound to happen when dealing with lots of fragile and tiny materials. When last I left you, we had completed 1/3 of the project, having filled the first round of test tubes with wildflower seeds.

The other two batches of test tubes were to be filled with mini m&ms and lavender-infused bath salts (not together – m&ms + bath salts = yuckkkk). These two took a bit longer to complete because apparently mini m&ms are nearly impossible to track down (we finally found them at Sam’s) and I was waiting on mom to make the bath salts (I’ll share the recipe for that in a post after the honeymoon).

Soon enough, the supplies were acquired and the rest of the test tubes were filled to the brim and topped with a pretty natural cork. As you can see pictured below, the test tubes fill a large basket nicely, but they crowd each other so much that there would be a lot of digging to find the favor of choice.

To make things easier on our guests, we (“we” being mom and I) decided to separate the three types of favors into individual baskets. We found these for 40% off at Michael’s craft store for only a few bucks apiece. They are long and thin, perfect for our long, thin test tubes. Plus, the natural wicker texture is pretty, simple and a nod to the vintage garden party theme that has emerged.

But you know I couldn’t just leave it at that… if you want to find some really great party decor and accessories, you can read more here.

To dress up the baskets a bit, I picked up three solid-colored cloth napkins at Pier One. This decision was sort of more complicated than that though…You see, I stood in the aisle for about five minutes staring at the array of cloth napkin options (while John found a comfy perch on a bar stool for sale, occupied by his smart phone). The issue was that I really wanted a patterned napkin, but all they had were solid colors and a stripe that just wasn’t “us.” With fingers to chin in thought (no kidding), I contemplated making my own from the box full of fabric at home, but did I really want to add ANOTHER project to my always overflowing list of things to do for this event?

After finally breaking John’s concentration from his phone and asking his thoughts, he quickly suggested just getting the solid colors because “No” I did not want to add more projects to my list.

Isn’t it funny how men can sometimes break down a decision in .3 seconds?

In the end, I brought home a white napkin, a yellow napkin and a blue one. There is a little bit of detail in the stitch work, which almost satisfied my desire for pattern.

When opened to their full capacity, they were way too big – I really just wanted something to lay across the bottom and inside edges of the basket. But keeping them folded into small squares and laying them at a diagonal did the trick.

Once I finally was able to lay the three different types of favors into their respective baskets, I knew John had steered me in the right direction. If I had gone with patterned fabric, the look would have been entirely too busy. All of the colors and natural texture in the seeds, candy and salts would have been lost in patterned liners. Hooray for happy accidents!

And now for tons of aerial and side detail shots!!!

To accompany the presentation, I used one of my revamped wedding frames (although, if you click back, you’ll notice that I redid the insert text). I think the neon blue kind of balances out all of those spring time pastels. Gotta have a little bit of a pop somewhere, after all.

If you can’t quite read the swirly text via the computer screen, it says “Please take your pick! Grow a plot of wild flowers. Indulge in sweet candy pieces. Relax with lavender bath salts.” Also, I added a little note about the glass test tubes being fragile: “Please handle with care.”

Sorry to any wedding guests who are missing out on the surprise come wedding day by seeing these in advance! I hope they are enjoyed by all next week.

P.S. If you didn’t see via my Facebook page and Twitter feed, I guest blogged for Breathe Magazine yesterday – This time, I shared my tutorial on how to make silhouette portraits. Click here to check that out!

UPDATE: Here are few snippets of the favors as they were set up at our reception venue during the wedding – They were grouped together on a simple hand-cut burlap runner, and I think our guests really loved them…

Photo credit: Katie Stoops Photography

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