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Thank God it’s Friday!! To celebrate the almost-beginning of the weekend, I have another of my favorite, most inspiring spaces to share – I’m breaking down the details of this beautiful Danish-era living room and offering some tips to get the look in your own space. If you have any additional thoughts or suggestions, by all means, share them in the comments section.


This space is FULL of warm tones – From the ’70s orange side chair and rich parquet floors, to the browns in the fireplace and brass accessories. The homeowners tone down what could be an overload of warmth with a green wall color that has juuuuust enough blue tint in it to classify it as “cool.” Punchy, bright throw pillows also help tone down the earthy color scheme.


One way to break up similar colors is through texture – Even though the fireplace brick and hardwood floors are almost identical in color, the look is visually separated by the difference in texture – One is smooth and luminescent while the other is matte and rough. The high pile shag rug breaks up the hard surfaces as does the upholstery, which brings even more softness to the space.  The key is to balance here.


Simple, eclectic and organic – This seems to have been the general mantra while decorating the room in question. The homeowners’ display items of thrifted accessories, drape-y greenery and prints atop the fireplace mantle give interest to the focal point of the room, but don’t take away from the beautiful antique brass clock.


Like texture, pattern must be balanced in order to work in a room. Here, the patterns of the super thin fireplace brick, parquet floor and green accent pillow work together because they all share a recurring geometric pattern of intersecting or parallel lines. Keeping it simple with the solid color on the walls and white couch break up the pattern enough so that it doesn’t become dizzying or overpowering.


By choosing sculptural fixtures, the lighting in this living room does double duty as both decorative and functional. The brass, space-age sconces flanking the fireplace seem to frame the focal point of the room, while the multi-layered drum shade on the floor lamp brings a little excitement to an otherwise dull corner.

So what are your favorite details?

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