One Word: Elegance

In honor of the new-to-us heirloom china cabinet that has breathed a little elegance into our mid-century dominated home, today’s “One Word” feature celebrates all things traditional. Let’s take a moment this morning to appreciate intricate detailing, soft patterns and colors and some good old fashioned frilliness. There is absolutely no denying, even if it’s not exactly your taste, that traditional decor is really quite stunning, with all of its layers and one-of-a-kind antiques. I wouldn’t associate the word “elegant” with my home or with my personality, but a girl sure can dream…
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P.S. If you didn’t already happen to notice, I put up a brand spankin’ new page in the sidebar. Click on over for the full rundown of our DIY wedding, complete with never-before-seen photos from the event and tons of links to all of the projects we DIY-ed. Be sure to check it out!!

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