I (somehow) managed to snag a Craftbaby sponsor win!

So truth be told (although I feel like I can’t possibly be the only one…), I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve won something. I still hold my breath in excitement every time I enter my name into a contest, may it be for a week’s worth of free joe from our local coffee shop, or something incredible like the spectacular giveaway hosted by Young House Love recently. No matter the contest, no matter the prize, I STILL get goosebumps imagining an unlikely win.

This to say that, the four or five times I’ve actually won ALL happened when I least expected it.

It’s kind of like the radio for me. I swear to you, every time I think how nice it would be to hear my favorite song without actually thinking it’s going to happen, it does. Like clockwork. It’s the same for me with contests – Only very rarely do I slip my name into the pile with no ACTUAL hope of winning.

Yet, that was precisely my attitude when entering myself into Craftbaby’s “Fabulous Frames” sweepstakes – Lo and behold, soon after submitting my framed Polaroid clothesline project into the mix on the site, I got an email telling me that I was the Sponsor’s winner!

Here’s my photo of the completed project, which involved an old frame spray painted a happy yellow, some simple twine and clothespins and my favorite Polaroid photos.

But it turns out that winning Sponsor’s choice wasn’t the only surprise I got – I also was given a gift card to the Etsy shop of Candie, one of the creative ladies behind Craftbaby. I had so much fun clicking through her fun products – It was hard to choose, but I finally asked for her “You Are the Match to My Flame” print. I am really into typography prints lately, and was so pleased to add one to my collection.

After thinking long and hard on where to hang it, I ended up slipping it behind glass in my studio – I was never really sold on the artwork in the two ribba frames hung on my black wall, so switching out the boring scrapbook paper for my new print was just logical. Since the opening in the frame was for an 8×10 and the print is a 5×7, I mounted it onto a piece of metallic paper to better fill the space. The extra bit of pattern gives it just a TOUCH of oomph, and the gold and brass sheen offers so much texture.

Although I L-O-V-E my bright, happy new prize print, I’m not feeling two typographies right next to one another. I’ll be finding a replacement for the one on the left asap – Any suggestions? I’m looking for something pictoral this time.

This whole experience and winning a fabulous prize was enough, truly, to make this girl’s year. But aside from that, I was able to make another fantastic blogging friend in Candie – She was an absolute DREAM to work with (even despite a mailing snafoo that I’m sad to say forced her to send me a second print when the first never made it…I HATE when sellers have to do that…). But even beyond that, her colorful, creative personality shines through in all of the communication we’ve had – The hand-written note I received with my print was so heartwarming and something that I know I’ll be holding on to for posterity.

I highly recommend her work to all of you…

Thanks, Candie (and Liz too!!) for appreciating my work and what I do…The feeling is absolutely mutual!!!


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