Thrift Store SCORE!

Remember this little tease from last week? Well it’s time to reveal our new-to-us thrifted chair from my trip to Charlottesville a couple of weeks ago. This is definitely one of my proudest “Thrift Store SCORE!”s to date…

When I decided to make this little mustard-colored arm chair mine, I knew exactly where it would go – Our bedroom. Originally, we were using a stand-in chair, a comfortable but not so stylish vinyl office chair picked up a year ago at an estate shop for $12. It worked, but I knew that I wanted something more original and more eye-catching. Here’s the old…

…and now here’s the new.

The shape is so much more interesting and the color upgrade is an obvious improvement over the old. Unfortunately, my new chair wasn’t QUITE as thrifty in price when compared to the old chair, coming in at $60. But it’s the treasure I’ve been dreaming of finding one day, so I was happy to hand over the cash. It’s a solid piece with impeccable upholstery, so I think I probably got a darn good deal, paying less than $100.

Isn’t she a beaut?

My favorite part of the chair is the shape of the arm. I actually don’t know if I would have bought it had it not been for that extra touch in the design. It’s just enough to turn it into a piece that can sit on it’s own without looking too “officey,” if you know what I mean.

One thing I didn’t even catch when gazing excitedly at it in the store, was the back. The rich wood frame actually goes all the way around the back of the chair at the top. It makes me a little sad to push it up against a wall – I feel like it would be so lovely sitting beside a sofa arrangement where you could walk all the way around to admire the wood detailing. I hope we can do just that in our next house, which hopefully will boast a bigger living space.

I’m not too concerned with the make of the piece – I love it and that’s more important to me than the designer or whether or not its a copy. But when I flipped it over, there WERE some labels still attached that could help me in my search should I ever decide to research it more. After a quick cursory perusal of the Internet, the only info I could find was here. Looks like my thrifted chair actually IS meant for an office environment, but I imagine my chair fitting right in with the swanky likes of Sterling Cooper Draper Price.

No matter the history, I am completely in love and am so pleased that I decided to bring it home.

Ginny the cat is too, apparently – She spent a good ten minutes sniffing around the legs of the new intruder to her home. But I think she eventually gave it her “okay.” PHEW…

What “Thrift Store SCORE!”s have you uncovered lately?

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