All in the details…


As a big fan of all things contemporary, I really appreciate when a stylist/homeowner/decorator can combine the best of traditional with the best of modern. I think that pretty much sums up the deliciousness of today’s “All in the details” space. There is juuuuuuuust enough elegance to tone down the sleek, hard modern elements, and that’s why I couldn’t help but break this lovely little corner down into the details that we all can use in our homes.


Although the accent chair is fairly traditional in shape, that bold red paint on the exterior and the punchy zebra print on the upholstery catapults it into the 21st century. It turns what could have been a very regal piece into something oh-so-playful and fun. I really want to curl up into it with a blanket and good book.


Speaking of books…The styling of the bookshelf is another reason why this area of the room feels so pulled together and eye-catching. If you love color, then book spines can be your best friend. Those little slices of the rainbow can be stacked to match and suit just about any color scheme, and allows you to decorate using things you already have. Here, the top shelf is piled with books in the orange, coral and white family, while the one below brings in a little blue and pink. It’s a simple, free touch that can really pull everything together when working on bookshelf tweaks. I can’t quit my gushing without mentioning the sweet little trinkets and vignettes seated on top of the book stacks. Balanced, colorful and just another way to get people to look a little closer. Love that antique bust too!


A couple of simple framed color photos are all it takes to bring that little added touch to the space. Nothing frilly, nothing over-the-top. It’s just right. The subtle contrast between the light gray walls and white mat/frame is really nice too. It allows that perky chair and the color coordination in the bookshelf do all the talking.


One sort of interesting thing I noticed about the bookcase is that the lower shelves have photos set up in front of the stacks of books. If you decide to go with a specific color scheme with the book spines on the upper shelves, hiding the leftovers behind your favorite framed art on the bottom shelves could be a great solution. Still accessible, but lets the prettiest novels shine.

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