All in the details…

I am slowly but surely coming around to the idea of white walls. Living in apartments for so many years where I couldn’t so much as TOUCH the paint on the walls was a sure fire way for me and white to leave on not-so-good terms. But now having settled into a home+mortgage with COMPLETE freedom to go wild with yellows, teals and mints, I’ve started to get my need for the rainbow out of my system. In our next home, I think a white room or two might be a nice respite from a cool, calm color palette. Take today’s “All in the details” room, for example. Apparently, white walls do NOT a color-less room make. This desk area is full of charm, with its array of color backdropped by none other than white. Let’s chat specifics…


Check out the interplay of that mustard-colored desktop against the white. It’s just enough to warm things up (and could easily be DIYed with a sheet of MDF painted your favorite burnt yellow shade, held up by store-bought legs). The monochromatic look is broken to bits with the fun punches of neon color in the accessories and art. Speaking of art…


Me and washi tape? We are like this: -> <- Why I didn’t figure that out until now, I’ll never know, but patterned washi tape is just another way for me to exploit my insatiable need for pattern in an everyday product. Using torn pieces of vibrant tape to hang art is perfect. It’s not overdone, it adds yet another layer of color and is so easy to change out. Who knows what the real motivation was behind the placement and choice of the art, but I imagine it to be the corner of some super creative girl’s city walk-up apartment, where she hangs only her most amusing pieces of inspiration. I love it. “Today I am excited about everything.”


Shelves are a desk area’s best friend. Takes the storage vertical and helps your mind break from work and focus on something stylish and 3 dimensional (I can stare only so long at a computer screen before going cross eyed). Punchy color, a leaning framed print or two and fun patterned initials. Oh, and I’m sure you picked up on how simple those initials would be to recreate at home, right? Head to your nearest craft store, grab an inexpensive wooden cutout of your letter of choice and decoupage a piece of scrapbook paper on top. Done and done!

I definitely don’t think “white walls” when I look at this space – It’s FULL of personality and color, without breaking open a paint can.

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