I <3 NY

Speaking of that title…Here’s a random poll for ya – When you see a phrase with a heart in it (i.e. I <3 NY, I <3 cats, I <3 writing), do you read it as “I heart writing” or “I love writing”? I know that’s probably the weirdest beginning to a post I’ve ever drafted, but it was on my mind yesterday as I was driving home from lunch (the car in front of me was peppered with “I <3…” bumper stickers). In full disclosure, I definitely read it as “I heart…”

Okay, now that THAT’S out of my system…Onward and upwards – All the way up to the brand new print on my wall in the studio.

Can you spot it? Well you’ve already seen my brand new gallery wall grid to display my favorite works of art (get the deets here). You also got a look at the adorable print that I won through Craftbaby (as explained here). My most recent acquisition has since found a home in the top frame on the left, replacing placeholder text that I printed from a Word document.

Here’s a close up pre-framing:

In my limited experience as a world traveler, my favorite city has always been New York. I love the colors, the lights, the energy – It’s just so much to take in and I feel SO SMALL when I’m staring up at those monumental skyscrapers and billboards.

When I found myself in need of a new print (for what has emerged as the art print mecca of the Waller household), I wanted to go with something besides typography. Although my love of typography seems to have no bounds, I know that balance is key – This corner of my studio was way too type-heavy for my liking, so I went in search of something with imagery rather than words.

To start, I clicked straight over to Etsy. Once I made it to the home page, I sat with my fingers lightly tapping the keyboard aimlessly thinking of what to search for. Before I knew it, I was typing in the phrase “retro new york print.” Right away there was a clear winner:

The colors of my settled-upon print jumped right off the screen and grabbed me without hesitation. When you respond like that to a piece of art, there’s really no going back. Luckily, it was completely affordable at only $14.07 (to order your own, click here – P.S. I was not paid or perked in any way to chat about this print, I just love it that much).

Once it arrived at our door and I was able to get a real life look at it, the colors, details and subject matter didn’t disappoint.

Into the frame it went, after which I got to step back and look at one of the happiest little corners we have in this home of ours. It’s just so “me” – I can’t get enough.

Even just on their own in the white Ikea Ribba frames, the pair work super well together. If we end up cycling the prints throughout the house in the next year or so, they can easily continue on their own apart from the wooden gallery grid. Three cheers for good versatility.

Gotta make sure to schedule a trip up north one of these days…What’s YOUR favorite city? (and don’t forget to answer my random poll from the beginning of this post – I really am curious!)

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