All in the details…


I really like when people re-imagine rooms in a house. I’ve noticed, specifically in ranch style homes, that a lot of the layout can be taken subjectively – What was meant to be a living room can be turned into an oversized dining room, or what was a dining room could be repurposed into a cozy seating area or office. It’s all a matter of going with your needs and how you would actually USE the space. Today’s “All in the details” is a great example of turning what (I imagine) was meant to be a living room into a cozy, welcoming dining area. Let’s take a closer look…


I hope and pray we inherit a nice big mantle in our next home…They seem to offer such great styling opportunities, like this giant piece of leaning framed art, fresh flowers and trinkets. The little inlay just above the fireplace opening is really something too – The perfect recess to show off a collection of antique cups and dishes. Simple, good variety and nothing is the same height – All principles of Styling 101 (thank you, Emily Henderson, for imparting these tips to us!).


Thank God for those drapy furs…Otherwise, this room would be way too hard for my tastes. All of that wood, brick, glass and drywall combined for one solid feeling, but the luxurious textiles on the back of the chairs help to balance that feeling and make it super inviting rather than harsh.


Thank God also for that big graphic art. I think we really NEEDED something to grab our attention and focus it on the best features in the room: the fireplace and built-ins. The oversized typography also gives the space a little contemporary pizzazz, which ultimately is why I chose to save this space for future reference. Another reason I bookmarked this room was because of the DIY potential of those canvases – Some stencils, two canvases, a tube of black paint and paint brush and you’re in business. Who knows what these particular numbers represent, but I imagine that you could do you and your spouse’s birthdays, a special anniversary, maybe the years you moved into or out of a previous home or even just a random smattering of your favorite digits!

So what are your favorite details?

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