My DIY arsenal

The nature of do-it-yourself work is to use what you have on hand to create – For me, DIY means that I am able to build my own jewelry organizers, decorate everyday objects to make them display-worthy (like turning bricks into book ends) and so much more. I have a blast coming up with ways to make our home unique using my own two hands.

That is…with my own two hands and an arsenal of tools at the ready to help me reach the finished product. Besides the standard tool box packed with nails, a hammer and a level (which is used on a weekly basis), I also have a little selection of my favorite go-to DIY tools.

First, we have the glue gun. This is one versatile piece of equipment – I’ve used it on paper bunting flags that we hung at our wedding, my earring organizer, and on a piece of monogram art made from wine corks. But that’s just a handful of projects its played “knight in shining armor” to. Sometimes I find that turning to a glue gun instead of nails or a sewing machine gives me a more user-friendly experience.

Next up, we have 3M hook tabs. I’ve got pretty much any kind of 3M tab you could think of on hand and at the ready – Long tabs, short tabs and tabs with the velcro surface for picture hanging. If you want to hang something but you don’t want to put a hole in the wall, these are going to be just the ticket.

Oh, rubber cement…How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. #1, you are a strong adhesive. #2, you aren’t TOO strong, i.e. I can peel things off and reposition them without ripping the paper beneath. And #3, if I get you on surfaces you aren’t supposed to touch, you rub off without a trace. You are the best adhesive I know.

Twine is another great tool for the average DIYer. It’s a “pretty” kind of string and can be used, again, to make paper bunting flags, to string photos across a frame, or can be used to wrap things, creating rustic flair. My heart surrenders to anything that is both functional AND attractive to look at.

And lastly, I always keep a handful of curtain ring hooks on hand. If you can’t tell, I’m not a fan of sewing but I am a sucker for turning fabric into pretty curtains. How do I do that without a sewing machine? Easy – Just cut a rectangle of fabric, hem the edges (with iron-on hem tape, of course) and clip on a couple of these hooks. If you don’t want to go to even that much trouble, clip them onto pretty kitchen towels and hang them in a window for a pair of instant curtains. Done and done.

Oh, and it always helps to keep these tools in a pretty monogrammed bag (thanks, Mom!)…

So what’s in your DIY tool box?

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