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Sometimes I think it’s fun to break down the details of a space that’s not necessarily my style. I think this room is T-TOTALLY gorgeous, but I don’t know that I would have put the pieces together in my own home. The headboard is definitely on my have-to-have list, as is the lamp, but I think I would pair them with a more mod side table and prints. Seriously though. This room is still picture perfect in every way. Let’s talk details…


Four things. That’s all there is, folks! A lamp, a vase of flowers, a decorative starfish and a clock. Short, sweet, to-the-point and done in under ten minutes (and under $50 if you bargain hunt). I also love how low the prints are hung. They start only inches above the surface of the table, making them almost a bedside accessory themselves.


Mixing florals with a stripe is a fool proof way to combine patterns. The gray in the stripe ties in so nicely with the gray flowers in the background of the pillows, plus white linens and the white side table allow for perfect breathing room. The overall effect is light and airy – And EASILY replicated in our own homes.


Does anyone else get a beachy vibe? It’s funny how there’s really only one bonafide “tropical” accessory in this space (the starfish on the side table), and yet there is something distinctly exotic. I wonder if it has something to do with the texture. A natural jute rug beside the wicker basket tucked under the table, next to the breezy-feeling white wood and bed coverings. I love a room that can have a theme without screaming it in your face.

What are your favorite details?

Oh, and I just HAD to share the accompanying photo of the other side of the bed. Same lamp, same textures, same prints, but switching up the accessories (HELLO vintage telephone) gives it an entirely unique feel from it’s neighboring edge.

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