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As we continue our way through my unofficial wedding week (to celebrate six whole months of being newlyweds) I wanted to share with you a particularly captivating wedding space I came across on Pinterest. I honestly didn’t even catch on to the fact that it was a reception until taking a closer look. I L-O-V-E when a bride (+ spouse-to-be and/or wedding planner) comes up with a look and style that doesn’t necessarily scream traditional wedding venue. Here, the party comes across as organic, elegant but distinctly vintage simply by blending the EXpected with a bit of the UNexpected. Let’s take a closer look…


I think the number one reason this wedding space jumped out at me was because of the chairs. SO eclectic, SO unique, SO playful. There are all sorts of colors, shapes and eras incorporated into this room in terms of chairs, and I think it’s this (rather expansive) detail that has the most impact. It would be super easy (and CHEAP!) to recreate too. What more effective way to involve your family and friends than to grab up a couple of their chairs each for a pulled together collection of reception seating options?


I think there’s something distinctly “industrial” about this space – Maybe it has to do with the mix of chairs, but I also think it has to do with the twinkle lights. The raw, exposed bulbs hung from simple black chords has this very factory-like vibe that really packs a punch. It’s sort of that masculine counterpart to the lit candles on the tables. The combination of soft light is brilliant.


Speaking of the tables, I love the simple look here. The understated florals really let the bigger details (chairs, lights) shine, while the simple white table runners and dishes give off this very comfortable feeling, almost as though guests are sitting down to dinner at a friend’s home instead of a large, wide-open reception venue. The whole effect is cozy and inviting.

What are your favorite details?

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