All in the details…


Despite the fact that we opted for rich, dark brown for our kitchen cabinet makeover project earlier this year, I very much appreciate crisp bright white cabinets. There is so much light in today’s “All in the details” space and I am even more convinced that white could be the way to go in our next kitchen. Combined with gleaming stainless appliances and pops of color in the tile and accessories, I’m sold. Let’s talk details…


Now HERE’S a new one! We’ve seen mint combined with coral, black, white, yellow – But I, for one, have never seen it (until now) juxtaposed against an orange and green color scheme. It took me a second to pass judgement on whether I liked it or not, but I eventually came to the conclusion that it works. I think it’s a-okay to consider mint a neutral – It goes with just about anything. Case-in-point, this kitchen.


I can’t get enough of open shelving in the kitchen – I say, if you’ve got the cabinet space, this is one super simple way to update your digs.  Treat it like you would a china cabinet, where you display all of the lovely dishes, vases and serving ware you have. We achieved our own sense of open shelving in the kitchen simply by removing one of our kitchen cabinet doors – No heavy power tools needed. One of my personal favorite things to display in our own open shelving is my cookbook collection. Here, we see another thought: plants. Love it!


What do I mean here by “utility,” you might ask? Basically, I’m focusing on how this particular home owner is utilizing their counter space. I tend to fill up every last square inch of my own kitchen’s counter space, so I’m always interested in learning some new space saving tips. For example, this kitchen seems to use containers to wrangle the clutter – A plate right next to the stove to hold things like olive oil, salt, pepper and cooking spray, containers to keep up with handled kitchen utensils (spoons, spatulas, etc.). I can definitely see myself going this direction to stay more organized. And you can too!

What are your favorite details?

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