All in the details…


What a cozy space, right?? It all starts with that SCRUMPTIOUS bubble gum pink wall color, right on down to the floor pillows and natural fiber rug on the whitewashed wooden planks. It’s not heavily overdone, nor is it too sparse. As they say in fairytales, this room is juuuuuust right.


It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but it bears repeating. When you have a massive space with a ceiling up in the stratosphere, use paint to bring things back down to earth. By stopping the pink wall color at a normal 9 to 10 foot height, the room feels homey and welcoming instead of echoey and sparse. No one wants their living room to feel like an airplane hanger.


Here’s a room that balances texture pretty evenly. I think up until now, we’ve seen most rooms playing it safe when it comes to texture – Predominantly soft textiles, maybe a little faux fur mixed in, but just a touch of anything considered “rough.” That said, this living space seems to celebrate raw textures, from the natural fiber rug to the woven throw and vases upon vases of plant life. Mix in some wooden elements (floor and roughly carved coffee table) and metallic ones (floor lamp and decorative “S” in the background) and you’ve got one well rounded place. “Soft” has a run for its money here – But in a good way, of course.


If you look closely there’s actually not all that much pattern here. I think the multi dimensions are actually coming through because of the layers of colors (there’s a LOT of color here). But we do see a little pattern play in the foreground pillows – A stripe and dot, and an ikat. I stand behind the philosophy that woven textiles are a bit of a pattern in and of themselves, so there’s definitely that. I just keep going back to the unfussy nature of the whole thing – It’s perfection.

What are your favorite details?

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