All in the details…


Source | Dwell Studio

Now isn’t this just the happiest little combo of gold and gray that you ever did see? A tufted couch, striped rug, sculptural table, metallic accents, an interesting stencil (or is it wallpaper?) on the walls – When can I move in?


If you look closely, there really isn’t much departure from the gray/gold color scheme – The only exception is a teeny bit of burgundy in the accent pillow on the couch. But what COULD have been a pretty bland look given the limited color palatte is amped up with all that beautiful pattern. The striped rug, stenciled wall and metallic patinas really work together to create something interesting and layered.


You guys know that I love gray and yellow together. The pairing can be found in just about every room in our home, so it’s no surprise that I am drawn inexplicably to this room. But again, that little hit of burgundy in the pillow spices things up a notch, taking it from EVERY so slightly boring to more lived in.


Do I spy a Nate Burkus-esque accent piece on that side table? Admittedly, I’m not quite as gungho about his Target collection as a few other ladies I know, but I love little brass colored conversation pieces, so I’d snap this little guy up in a hot minute. The lamp looks to have a really chic concrete base (think we could DIY something similar??) and I am in LOVE with the sculptural lower portion of the side table – Reminds me of this really fabulous accent table I saw on Glitter Guide a couple days ago (check it out here – it’s shaped like a horse, be still my heart).

What are your favorite details?

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