All in the details…



I thought it might be a little fun and exciting to switch up the layout of my “All in the details…” feature. The plan was to wait until the new year, but I needed a little something to put a spring in my step now that Christmas is all over and done with. Hope you enjoy the new look.

But about those details…This is one cool space. I never got the chance to live in a swanky urban studio, but if I did I hope that I would have had the creativity to do things like this home owner did.

1No closet? No problem. By hanging a closet system with room to slide a bed in the middle, this apartment dweller killed many a bird with one stone. Besides, for someone with good fashion sense, it’s hardly ideal to tuck all of those gorgeous pieces away in a dark closet. Why not let the frocks act as art and color in view of the entire space?

2Another way she let her clothes really act as the stars was to surround the collection in white. White shelves, white boxes, white floors, linens, curtains and furniture. It also helps all of that busy color and pattern feel less overwhelming. I don’t think this room would be nearly as successful if the rest of the square footage packed bold color too.

3…Look at all that yummy texture! Even though there IS an awful lot of white in this room, there’s no lack of drama thanks to all of those neutral layers. The oldest (but wisest) trick in the book.

What are your favorite details?

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