Pinspiration Monday: Washi wrapped candles

Happy New Year’s Eve to you!!! Any fun plans in the works? John and I are hosting a mini get-together with his side of the familial friends – We can’t wait to count down the moments to 2013, and are hoping against hope that this year is a quiet one…With a move, an engagement, three job shifts between the two of us and that little event we call a wedding in the last 2 years, we could use a laid back 12 months…

But, before we jump head first into 2013, I’ve got a quick little tutorial for you. And let me just preface by saying…This is the easiest project ever. Seriously – I was dumbfounded by how well this one went! Allow me explain…The idea is to wrap little tea light candles with Japanese washi tape. I’ve caught glimpses of these mini beauties while perusing people’s pins, but I hadn’t thought to try it until now.



Not sure WHY it took me so long to try it out because, quite frankly, it’s genius. It costs next to nothing (in my case, it WAS nothing since I already had everything on hand), and it manages to take a dollar store bag of candles from cheap to party-worthy in seconds. I’m not even exaggerating! So cute…

So I grabbed two of my favorite rolls of washi tape and a jumbo bag of tea lights (one that I’ve had since my college days) and set to work. First, I cleaned the outside of the tea light by rubbing as much of the waxy built up off as I could – I was very skeptical that my tape would even stick because of the oily feel of the metal surrounding the candle, but I soldiered on.


I had my first lucky break when my tape turned out to be the EXACT width of the candle itself – No trimming required.



When I made it all the way around the candle, I snipped my tape and was done – Simple and sweet as that. Since I was so blown away with the success of this project, I grabbed a few more candles and did the exact some process to come up with a mini collection.



Wait till you see where these little lovelies ended up…More on that Wednesday!

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