Free Beer Art

Now my husband would argue that I am absolutely the LAST person on earth who needs more art, and he’s probably right. My collection got so extensive that I was literally forced to create a gallery wall in our upstairs hallway just to “store” it all (check our home tour for proof). But as a trained artist who has had a 26 year love affair with all things colorful, bright and just plain pretty, it’s probably no real surprise that I’ve gone a tad overboard.

I’ve come to treat the artwork in our home like I do my wardrobe (although that’s about to change in a big way – see yesterday’s post for the details) – In other words, art trends DO come and go and our own tastes evolve with time. It’s been a fun little challenge to curate a personal collection of pieces that John and I BOTH love, case in point today…The source for this new piece of fine art? None other than Crate & Barrel’s holiday catalog.


Yup. That’s right – It was F.R.E.E.

Although I’m not often able to make puchases from Crate & Barrel (read: I’m stingy), I DO try to take advantage of the thought inducing photography of highly styled spaces. This particular issue wasn’t quite as inspiring as others in terms of DIY-able ideas, but I came across something I definitely could use on the very last page.


How cool is that? A full page illustrated diagram of beer – The perfect thing for my craft-beer-loving spouse. As soon as I saw it, I had visions of it hanging behind glass, surrounded by a sleak white frame to show off the intricate typography and soft cream color – And with John’s instant approval, I made exactly that happen.



Because the holidays were in full swing by this point (and all the sales that go along with it), I was able to snag a pretty stellar deal on this monocramtic beauty – It came in at under $20. Now where to put it…

I don’t drink beer, never did develop a taste for carbonated beverage in general, so obviously this type of art is all for the man of the house. Therefore, up it went on the wall in his bathroom. I had been having trouble coming up with masculine artwork for this particular space in the house, and a beer-themed piece seemed like the missing puzzle piece. Coupled with the new curtain-rods-turned-magazine-rack for fishing glossies and Men’s Health, the room finally feels done.





Now to get us to quit hanging out in the bathroom, staring at a particularly hypnotizing piece of art…

Have a great weekend!

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