What’s in a name?

Dream Green DIY. It’s not a very standard name. Some may not be drawn to it at first, while others find it instantly catchy. Either way, I wanted to sit down and get real about the reasoning and truth behind the name. It’s kind of an interesting one and I thought hearing it might help you connect a little bit better with the philosophy behind this little brand that I’ve created.


So where to start? I distinctly remember when I sat down to create this blog back in March of 2011. I had major plans for a site dedicated to my absolute favorite thing in the entire world: homes. I wanted to talk colors, accessories, wallpaper and gardening. My mind was filled to the brim with images to post, projects to talk about and tutorials to share. As I clicked through the prompts to set up my brand new WordPress blog, all of this was racing through my conscience at a million miles per second.

Then it all came crashing to a halt.

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 4.56.51 PM


I paused for a moment (imagine my once perky back slumping in my chair with uncertainty), and racked my brain for the right name for my soon-to-be site. After closing my eyes, stretching my fingers over the keyboard and visualizing the possibilities, just one simple phrase came to mind…”Dream Green.”

Only a few people know, but there’s this house…It’s actually in the neighborhood I moved into when John and I got engaged, which still blows me away. Oh, how funny fate is…But anyway, this house has always been my dream house. Imagine the perfect green color with a gorgeous plum-colored shaker style front door and windows with cottage detailing. There’s a front porch with my favorite sort of sloping craftsman columns lined up beneath the roofline, and a perfect little front yard full of lush green grass.

While in high school, we’d often come to this particular neighborhood to grab a cup of joe at the local coffee shop or just simply walk the picturesque house-lined sidewalks. While enjoying the latter activity one evening, we came across that special green house and I was hooked. The goofy high schooler that I was immediately latched on and dubbed it her “Dream Green.” I’m fairly certain that there’s a printed photo of it in my senior scrapbook, just going to show how much this house meant to me.

While I still don’t know the occupants of the home and I’m unsure that I would even put an offer in should it come on the market, I always make a point to gaze at it with fond memories as John and I walk past hand in hand. It’s more than a house to me. It’s the personification of my love for all things “home” and my love for the idea of something special, something that speaks to me in it’s own unique way.

So while I certainly think there are names that roll a bit sweeter off the tongue and bring to mind something peaceful and soft (Lark & Linen, Cupcakes and Cashmere and Oh Joy! come to mind) the name of this blog goes far beyond the way it sounds. It’s the literal, somewhat secretive embodiment of my own little dream to be bigger, better and ultimately to be myself. Always.

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