Pinspiration Monday: Etsy thrifting

I think it’s safe to say that we are all guilty of it at some point or another – That is, coveting something that someone else has. It’s FAR too simple of a sin to commit and I do it roughly 4,870 times a day. From a best friend’s car, to the scarf my co-worker wore last Tuesday, I’m always thinking how wonderful it would be to own such a pretty “this” or “that.”

And then I came across the most covetable of covetables…


Source | Glitter Guide

I mean, come on. Is that NOT the most beautiful lidded dish you’ve ever seen? Lovely mid-century shape, pretty delicate gold design, dainty size – I was infatuated within seconds.

To make matters “worse,” the piece lives at the home of Taylor Sterling, Founder and Creative Director of Glitter Guide. While some people idolize Jennifer Lawrence or Nicole Kidman or Taylor Swift, I tend to get all starry cross-eyed over my favorite bloggers and designers. The idea of meeting the brilliant minds behind The Everygirl, Oh Joy! and/or Rue is what makes me weak in the knees with fanatic nerves. Taylor Sterling is such an incredible role model, not only as editor (along with the FABULOUS Caitlin Moran) of my own GG features, but also as a successful business woman.

All of this, plus the gorgeous vintage bowl, made for one frenzied fan.

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 8.14.37 AM

So much so that I trolled the internet for DAYS searching for a look-a-like to Taylor’s dish. Where did I search? None other than Etsy. You see, this post isn’t just about following your own heart, it’s about the wonder that is Etsy when it comes to vintage shopping. I implore you, never forgot about the potential for thrifted treasures within this craft-driven site. A quick search for vintage anything will turn up pages and pages of scrollable, one-of-a-kind beauties that belong in your collection. Sure the price tends to be anything but thrifty, but you have to pay the premium for finding that special piece without the requisite digging.

With no luck whatsoever after about a week, I started to feel dejected. I had seen a couple of pieces that came close – Little sugar dishes that featured the same gold flecks, but they didn’t seem as big as Taylor’s bowl and just didn’t feel the same.

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 8.17.17 AM


It didn’t take long after this point (the point where I was willing to pay any price when I found “the one”) that I finally FINALLY came to the realization that Taylor’s bowl was Taylor’s bowl. Not Carrie’s. And it was time for me to embrace my OWN tastes and whims. Sure, Taylor’s bowl is absolute perfection and it frankly IS my taste and whim, but I wasn’t the one who discovered it. It was time for me to make my own discovery.

So I began my search all over again, this time with fresh and open eyes, only to come across my own little piece of perfection…


Is that NOT the most beautiful vase you’ve ever seen? Lovely mid-century shape, pretty delicate gold design, dainty size – I was infatuated within seconds. (Do you see where I’m going with this?)

As soon as I decided to search for ME and not to copy someone else’s luck, I came across a treasure that I can truly call my own. If you ever find yourself falling into the desire to copy and emulate your idol, there’s honestly not a thing wrong with it. But when you start to compromise your own tastes and budget to satisfy this NEED to be just like them, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You have fabulous taste, so let yourself be influenced, but DON’T let yourself be overshadowed.



I am so pleased with my final purchase and, even though it was far too expensive for me to even admit, it is the mid-century piece I have been searching in vain for the old-fashioned thrift store way. When you feel like throwing in the towel because you just aren’t finding it in person, check Etsy. This little shortcut may be the yellow brick road to vintage bliss you’ve been hoping for.




Have you guys ever found any treasures on Etsy? And whose taste do YOU idolize?

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