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DIY “Perfect Pairs” Bridal Shower Gift

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

As you may already know, our good friends Nathan and Ashley are getting hitched! And, with the wedding coming up in May, it was time to celebrate the bride with a special shower just for her. So us women folk gathered this past weekend to do just that, with tasty finger foods, a delicious cake and lovely floral arrangements put together by the enormously talented mother of the bride.

Mady, Ashley’s sister, was the mastermind behind the entire event and she nailed it. I wish I had more photos to share with you, but imagine handmade bunting with the letters for “Miss to Mrs” handpainted on each flag, rustic burlap table runners and springtime raffia with yellow blooms wrapped around the cake. It was perfection and felt SO “Ashley.”

But, of course, no bridal shower is complete without the gifts and, as I’m sure you could guess, I felt the need to get creative with mine. I really wanted to put together something unique for Ashley and eventually (after a night of tossing and turning to brainstorm) I finally came up with the idea of DIY “Perfect Pairs” Bridal Shower Gift inspired by the most perfect pair of all—Ashley and Nathan!!

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

The idea was to pick up useful things for the home that naturally went together—things like “fork & spoon” (a salad fork and spoon set), “pen & paper” (nice pens and a package of note cards) and a “chip & dip” (I don’t think that one needs explaining!). In order to bring the point home, I put together little tags in InDesign and Photoshop using colors to match the overall theme of the gifts—blue and green. Once printed and cut out, I was able to attach each to their respective pair using Scotch tape.

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

As for the wrapping, I decided to skip a paper gift bag and went with a utilitarian rubber bucket instead. It actually cost about the same as a large gift bag, but will last through whatever project Ashley puts it to.

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

The final step was adding one last paper cut out to the front of the bucket that simply read “Perfect Pairs inspired by Ashley & Nathan.” I think Ashley got a kick out of the gift and I hope she and her hubby-to-be enjoy all of their new housewares! We had a blast watching her eyes light up as she unwrapped things like her gorgeous new dishes, Anthropology kitchen utensils, teal Keurig, serving ware and even a stunning gold Kate Spade bracelet. Bridal showers are so much fun…And Ashley deserves every bit of love!

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

DIY "Perfect Pairs" Bridal Shower Gift | Dream Green DIY

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All in the details…

Console Table

Source | The Glitter Guide

This close up shot packs QUITE a punch. As soon as I saw it, my to-do list for our own home grew exponentially. A cool, space saving console table, fabulous gallery wall, great mixture of textures – I can’t wait to turn this inspiration into my own little close up corner of style.

Let’s talk details…

1…Putting a thin, streamlined console table behind the couch is a genius solution for those of us with tiny homes. It saves space by making end tables obsolete, and actually MAXIMIZES tabletop square footage. How? While a 6 to 10 inch depth doesn’t seem like much, when spanned across the length of a 6 1/2 foot couch, you’ve got tons of room for wine glasses, elegant lighting and stacks of design books – All within easy reach. I’m already brainstorming the easiest way to construct one from a few pieces of lumber.

2…I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but gold and black is one delicious color combination. It’s really the epitome of luxe. The rich solid black shade of this table lamp is hard to miss, and paired with that geometric metallic gold base, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. I’m adding a low lamp to my list of thrift store must-haves so I can spray paint it gold and top it with an inexpensive black shade from Target – My simple solution to achieving this look on MY budget.

3…With so much color and pattern in the gallery wall, this homeowner made a wise decision to take it easy on the throw pillows. That said, she gives the collection a little something special by mixing fun textures together in that single monochromatic white color palette. One is a soft fur, while the other is a glittery party in a pillow. Makes you wanna cuddle right up, doesn’t it?

What are your favorite details?

For past “All in the details” features, click here

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Our custom oak counter top

When we first moved into our townhouse, we were “blessed” with what can only be described as the king of all bland kitchens. White washed cabinets, tan walls, white appliances – Nothing really matched its beige-family neighbor, and to say it clashed would be a gross understatement. I can’t believe I’m even sharing this poorly lit, awful, disgusting “Before” photo. Prepare to be shocked…


Thankfully, we have moved FAR beyond that initial untouched state by refinishing the cabinets, painting the backsplash a cool mint color and just generally clearing clutter and getting organized. But there was one last thing we hoped to work on…The island countertop.


While it wasn’t in our budget to completely replace the old cabinets we decided to invest some time and money into just the island counter. Our hope was that, by turning it into a focal point with a brand new custom oak surface, it would distract the eye from the rest of the less-than-ideal finishes.

The other goal in replacing the countertop on the island was to transform it into a breakfast bar as well. An extra 9 inches off the back end would give us a much better place to enjoy meals and evening conversations. Our old situation (of leaning too far forward with buckled knees) is demonstrated nicely by this cute fella.


Who ya gonna call when you need wood working help? My dad, of course! He’s one talented guy when it comes to wood projects, having built about half the pieces in my parents’ home, and a good bit in ours as well. We’re talking entertainment centers, buffets, benches, slim entry tables, drafting tables, desks, mirrors, shelves, gates, decks, fences, coffee tables, frames, a shed, boxes, birdfeeders – You name it and he’s probably built it. I am indescribably fortunate to have access to such talent, and so is our home, as you’ll see very shortly.

But this particular story begins at Wall Lumber Co. in Mayodan, North Carolina. I had just quit my job and was feeling SUPER low about life, so my dad offered to take me with him on his trip to pick up lumber for my island project and a few others. It turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.


This place was SO neat. Every type of wood that you can think of, from oak to maple, to zebra and ambrosia. The huge warehouse was stacked floor to ceiling with massive, raw slabs, the natural bark still peaking from the edges, and others perfectly shaped with the grain looking like some kind of intentionally designed pattern.








That last one is called ambrosia wood, named for the beetles that burrow their way into the wood, creating those tiny pin-prick holes and ghost-like patterns in the grain. Alas, we weren’t there for ambrosia – We needed oak, and lots of it. All told, the wood cost somewhere in the range of $150-$175.


Now, for once, I’m not able to give you a play-by-play in terms of a tutorial. There was a lot of sanding, gluing, clamping, joining, more sanding, lots of stain and polyurethane, but ultimately, all of that work left us with an absolutely stunning show stopper in our kitchen.




That mirror-like finish gets me every time I walk into the room…Oh, and if you’re worried about workability being that it’s located in the kitchen, don’t. It took me a couple of days not to shy away from putting so much as a glass of water on that beautiful perfect surface, but dad ASSURES us that the amount of sealant on top makes it perfectly suited to food and water. If anything happens to get spilled, we just wipe it up with a rag as we would any other precious surface. So far, we aren’t seeing any wear and tear from everyday use.



Besides the shiny surface and the added functionality of the newly widened square footage, my absolute favorite thing is the grain. It is truly one-of-a-kind and our own piece of art. I could get lost in all of that striped pattern – Couldn’t you?




We couldn’t possibly be happier and don’t miss the old countertop one bit, as I’m sure you can imagine (and probably relate).

Isn’t my dad the coolest?

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The Options: White or Bright?

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for your participation in my Reader Feedback Survey 2013!! Apparently more of you than I thought get the same satisfaction out of surveys that I do. At any rate, I really appreciate the honest feedback (and the sweet comments!). The results have given me a lot to think about and changes are on the way, the implementation of which starts today.

Reader Feedback Graphic

This morning, we move beyond “One Word.” With hardly a vote in its favor, I’ve got to succumb to the fact that it’s just not valuable to your creativity – And THAT is something I won’t compromise on. So, onward and upward as they say! Don’t think it’s gone forever though…I’m sure it’ll crop up every now and then when I’m feeling particularly inspired by a certain catchword.

So what’s the new plan? Well one thing that ALSO garnered some noticeable tabulation in the survey (this time in the affirmative) was interior design. Thursday’s “All in the details…” feature is meant to be a home design tip jar of sorts, but how about making it a little more interactive?

After giving it some thought, I came up with “The Options.” You’ll get two sometimes opposing, sometimes complementary styling options to choose from – Both will be explained for you and tips will abound, but my ultimate hope for this feature is that you all will weigh in and help each other. Have you tried this at home? Which of the two options are you most drawn to? In the end, you should be able to walk away with two simple, affordable interior design options in your back pocket.

First on the docket? Which is your go-to wall color of choice – White? Or bright?

White or Bright

Option 1: The Design Files | Option 2: Sadie + Stella

Option 1: As I’ve slowly come to realize, white walls are a fabulous way to spotlight colorful accessories. A great option for renters, white walls allow for a LOT more versatility since you don’t need to stress over rollers, trays, brushes and gallons of new paint when you want to change things. If you want to mix up the look of a space that sports white walls, all you have to do is rotate things like pillows, lamps, rugs and linens.

Option 2: But if you’re a die-hard color lover, you can’t stop at just the linens, rugs and lamps. From rich peacock teals, to hot pink and cool mint, the walls are no match for your saturated taste! If you go for vibrant color on the walls though, take note from the inspiration image and tone down the furnishings with monochromatic white and amp up the accessories with oversized, blown out patterns.

P.S. If you haven’t given your 2 cents, my (quick 4-question) reader survey is STILL open – click here for access!

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Pinspiration Monday: DIY gold urchin

I’ve got another installment of “Employing my DIY Discount” for you! See the first here, but essentially the idea is to use what you have (or stick to purchasing really, really cheap materials) to recreate a big ticket item – I’ve taken to calling this my DIY discount.

Now, I know I can’t be the only one craving designer brass sea urchins as of late. They have kind of hit the ground running throughout Pinterest, blogs and magazines, turning up on entryway tables, lucite bookshelves and even hung in clusters on the wall.

If by chance you HAVEN’T seen these trendy accessories, allow me to introduce you. They really serve no purpose other than being the beautiful, sculptural pieces of art that they are. Maybe it’s the unique shape, maybe it’s the shiny gold finish, but either way, I wanted one (or three) for myself and I wanted it bad.

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 10.07.03 AM

Source | DecorPad


Source | You’re Welcome Savannah


Source | Marcus Design

The problem with this particularly strong craving was that each one cost $38 – and that’s just for the smallest size. As you can imagine, I had trouble stomaching that price tag for something purely decorative. Thankfully, Pinterest stepped in to save the day once again with an affordable DIY alternative using nothing but a styrofoam ball, a handful of toothpicks and a little gold spray paint.


Source | The Sweetest Occasion

With the DIY project in mind, I picked up this bag of 1 1/2 inch styrofoam spheres from a local craft store that was closing down – This was actually months and months ago, but the clearance price tag meant that I could buy them and save them for a rainy day project in the future. And that’s exactly what I did. 



Several weeks later, with my to-do list finally cleared out, I had the time and opportunity to knock this easy DIY out. After grabbing one of my clearance styrofoam balls and a box of wooden toothpicks, I parked myself on the living room couch and got to piercing. Working my way around the ball, I sunk my toothpicks about half an inch into the soft material one after the other. I didn’t bother covering the very bottom because I wanted it to sit a little closer to the tabletop, almost as though it was cut in half like the real deal gold urchins but without the hassle of sawing the styrofoam down. It worked like a charm, which you’ll see in the final photos.

As I filled my ball in with the toothpick spikes, I found that more was definitely better. Just when I thought that I was getting close to being done, I would work my way back around with more and more toothpicks. Hardly a spot of styrofoam was safe from the toothpicks. By packing them in tightly, I was able to hide most of the styrofoam center from view.


Once I felt like I was at a good stopping point, I took the urchin outside and sprayed it with a few thin and even coats of metallic gold spray paint, which I already had on hand. After giving it about an hour to dry, I gingerly flipped it over onto its top side and sprayed a few more thin coats on the underside just to make sure I had full coverage. After another hour, I took the DIYed urchin indoors for an overnight dry session on the shelf in the laundry room, away from curious husband fingers and pet paws.




I’m so in love with the glittery finish, and even MORE in love with the $4 price tag (just for the bag of styrofoam balls). The great thing is that, with maybe another box of toothpicks, I have enough material to make 11 more of these DIY urchins. A large cluster of them could be really fun on a tabletop or even a party buffet. Maybe I could even branch away from the gold with neon yellow and pink next time, or keep it metallic but go with silver AND gold. The options are endless…

For now, I set my loan ranger up on the shelves in our living room. I love the unique sculptural effect and how it carries that shimmery gold look throughout the vertically centered vignette created by the metallic vase, apple and swans.




Oddly enough, that round styrofoam center is a whole lot more obvious in photographs than in person. I have no clue why that is – Any photogs out there know why? At any rate, don’t let that visible rounded center deter you from tackling this mini project. You’ll be surprised by how sleek it is in person.

Bottom line – I sure am glad that I got to keep my $38 by creating something with my own two hands. What have you guys successfully DIYed lately?

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Happy 2 Year Blogiversary, Dream Green DIY!!

Whenever I use the phrase “blogiversary” around my husband, he replies with a simple “I’m going to pretend that I didn’t hear you say that.” Haters gonna hate though, because we know just how special these annual celebrations are. For us, these blogs are far more than just a website or even just a place to showcase our interests, photography, writing, whatever it may be – These blogs are like babies, nurtured with SO MUCH time and energy, often for no monetary profit whatsoever. They provide us with a sense of community unlike any other, and give us a new perspective on cities, restaurants, even countries that we’ve never been to before.

That is precisely how I feel about my own blog. If I’m truly honest (and I think a lot of us can relate), there have been moments where I thought about what my life would be like without the blog – The amount of extra time I’d have is immeasurable. But really, that’s the only PRO to (hypothetically) quitting that I can come up with. The cons are numerous though: Our home wouldn’t be nearly as far in its transformation, I would no longer be able to connect with my AWESOME readers (have I mentioned how much I love you yet? No? Don’t worry, I’m getting there…) and my writing, designing and photography growth would stagnate. Where on EARTH is the fun in that? No, I’m not going anywhere, and neither is this little corner of the blogisphere.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 8.53.22 AM

SO. Birthday speech aside, Let’s talk about the new redesign! I had absolutely zero intention of making over the blog until, ohhhhhh, about 9:45 p.m. last night. It just suddenly hit me that I should welcome year 3 with a new face, something more stream-lined, more toned down and a little more sophisticated – DGD is 2 years old now, afterall. Time to grow up and start fitting in with the big kids.

It’s okay if you’re a little sad to see the big colorful banner fade into the past – I was a little sad too (even John fought the new look), but it didn’t take long for us to come around to the idea of that nice steely gray and turquoise. I hope you do too! You may have already picked up on my intentions here, but ultimately I was hoping to tone down the header and sidebar so that the post features could really shine. Now instead of a face full of color, you get a nice balance of monotones framing those big colorful spotlight photos. Just the thing to welcome this new year.

Speaking of this new year, it’s time to think ahead and into the wide open year 3 frontier. I have grown to really enjoy my features routine. We’ve got a pretty good thing going on every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with random projects, reviews and thrifting adventures thrown in between, but it might be nice to change things up. Do we need to revamp these tried and true features? Do we need to CUT any? Do you want more of a certain thing? Do you want something NEW?

Reader Feedback Graphic

As you can see, I need your help to decide. I’ve put together a SUPER QUICK 4 question survey for you. I actually love taking surveys – I’m the girl who, after getting an email from a company asking for feedback, immediately clicks through and considers one mundane question after the other with the utmost seriousness. But I know not everyone feels that way. There’s obviously no pressure to take the survey – Your computer will not self destruct if you don’t click through, but as I see it this blog is really as much (if not MORE) for you then it is for me, so your feedback will only enhance YOUR experience. But still. No pressure. Click here if you want to take my reader feedback survey, or click here to see my favorite funny kitten video on YouTube – In my opinion, two stellar options for spending your next 5 minutes.

And finally, I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Your comments, emails, connections and even your silent visits if you don’t say a WORD all mean the absolute world to me. You and this blog have transformed my life in record speed – My motivation to do the things I do is largely fueled by your tremendous support. So ::big group hug:: and let’s take this next year in stride, one project at a time…


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“It Started With Yum” Blogging Exchange: Let’s make a pie!

Notice a little something different around these parts? Nope, You’re not crazy…DGD has undergone a little facelift in honor of its 2nd blogiversary!!! To celebrate the milestone, I’ll be back this afternoon with stats, talk of the future and a heartfelt thanks for all that you guys have allowed this blog to accomplish in the past 24 months. But first…

It’s that time again! Time for fellow blogger, Jessalyn (of It Started With Yum), and I to get together to exchange our own personal expertise with the other – It’s our little way of expanding our creativity into new realms, AND a good excuse for two friends to meet up and talk shop. In the past, our seasonal exchanges have consisted of shelf styling basics and DIY green cleaning solutions and, later on, DIY Christmas bunting flags made from holiday cards (hers|mine).

Here’s a photo of the two of us back in December because, of course, the one thing we FORGOT to do this particular trip was snap a photo. Before I jump into our collaboration, be sure to open a new tab with Jessalyn’s post explaining the basics of screen printing fabrics – My contribution to this fun blogging exchange of ours.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 9.22.03 AM

When Jessalyn and I began to coordinate this trip (she and her husband live an hour away in Charlottesville, Virginia, thus the “coordination”) I immediately knew what I wanted her help with. I’ve never been much of a baker, preferring kitchen adventures like stir fries and pasta, but it was high time that I learned. My pastry of choice? Pie…

While the thought of pie alone sounds generally fantastic, Jessalyn took things one step further by suggesting strawberry pie. This was a whole new level of excitement. Is it just me, or does strawberry pie sound a bit exotic and unusual? Those little red berries happen to be my all time favorite variety (I eat them like chips, one after the other), so to say I was an enthusiastic student is an understatement – And Jessalyn’s tutorial did not dissapoint.


Jessalyn’s Incredible Strawberry Pie

Pie Crust:
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 sticks unsalted butter, cubed
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2-1 teaspoon cinnamon
3/4 cup ice-cold water

Whisk together dry ingredients. Cut in the butter using a pastry blender/cutter, working your way around the bowl until the butter is incorporated as pea-sized dots into the dry ingredients – This is a great arm workout, as I discovered! Next, add the ice water slowly in portions, using the pastry blender to work it into the dough. Once it starts to stick together, dust the counter with flour and dump the dough out of the bowl to work. Gently knead it together into a ball, then divide in half with a knife. Wrapping each in plastic wrap, refrigerate for one hour. Keeps in fridge for 1 week; freezer, for longer.

Pie Filling:
6 cups frozen strawberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1-2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine pie filling ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Stir together to incorporate. Set the mixture aside and roll out one of the dough rolls, laying it across the bottom of a pie pan. Continue to stir the pie filling as you do this – The frozen fruit will start to thaw, which gives the sugar its chance to dissolve a bit.

Once the dough is laid out in the pan, dump the pie filling into the pan. Roll out the second dough ball and, using a floured rolling pin to transport, roll it out on top of the pan. Then use your fingers to fold the edges of the dough up and over one another, squeezing as you go to seal it. Poke a few holes into the top of the dough using a knife to allow for ventilation.

Place the pie pan on a baking sheet (used to catch overflow) and put it into the oven on a low rack. Bake the pie at 400 degrees for 25 minutes, then lower the heat to 350 degrees and bake for another 45 minutes. Remove from oven, let cool and enjoy!










Was it tasty? Oh, MY yes. The balsamic vinegar secret ingredient is the little POW that takes this pie from amazing to gone-in-five-minutes finger-lickin-good. Jessalyn sent me home with two pie dough rolls of my own and I ended up baking them right up at 9 pm. last night – All this pie talk has me ravenous, so I think I’m gonna go sneak a slice for breakfast. Don’t judge.

Before I sign off for the morning, here’s that link again so that you can check out Jessalyn’s post, all about how I taught her how to screen print. I was pretty new myself to this inking process, but managed to create something worth sharing AND showing off! Believe me, no one was more surprised than this gal.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 9.21.07 AM

And don’t forget to come back this afternoon for a bonus post in honor of DGD’s 2nd birthday!

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All in the details…


Source | designlovefest

I think all of us in blog land gave a collective gasp of joy at the reveal of Bri’s living room earlier this week. Done by my muse/idol/insert-something-glowing-here, Emily Henderson, this space is literally the stuff of (at least my) dreams. Mid-century flair, vibrant throw back colors and a hint of tribal funk, I’d love to flop into one of those cool chairs and just gaze around. For hours.

Let’s talk details…

1…We own a fabulous (thanks to John!) 1970’s coffee table, a couple of great mod dressers and an arm load of vintage trinkets from the brassy era that I adore so much, but the one thing we DON’T have is a mid-century cabinet. We have neither the space nor the budget for one in our current home, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over every one I see – The piece pictured above is a great example of juuuuust the kind I’d pause in front of and mentally cry over not being able to drag it home.

2…Another “m-m” (I’ve decided to shorten the era specific phrase because even I’M sick of hearing myself spout it off every other word) piece we don’t have is a teal couch. We’ve got a really great straight-lined sofa in our living room, but it doesn’t really hold a candle to this in-your-face teal tufted number. I die.

3…Despite knowing what a gem we have in our own thrifted m-m coffee table, I still feel myself turning emerald with envy over Bri’s. Those brass details are really one-of-a-kind. I sure wish I could have delicate vases of flowers balanced on ours too, alas…there are too many tails wagging their way destructively through our home each day – God love ’em!

What are your favorite details?

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P.S. I just had to share – One of my fabulous readers, Mary Ann (of School of Moxie), picked up two of my fine art prints and happened to blog about how she displayed them. I love how they look on the wall in her studio, don’t you? Thanks for sharing with us, Mary Ann!


If you blog or photograph how you display your OWN Art Carried Away prints, I’d love to see them and share with everyone! Email me at, or connect via Facebook/Twitter. And, as always, thanks for everyone’s support and constant creativity! You guys inspire and motivate me each and every day.

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DIY Jewelry Tray

DIY Jewelry Tray Graphic

It never ceases to amaze me when some of my cheapest and simplest projects end up topping my list of “All Time Favorite DIYs.” Today’s project is right up there at the precipice because (#1) it took ohhhhhhh 10 minutes of hands on time to put together, and (#2) it only cost $6.11. $6.11 people!! That must be a record.

It all started a few Monday’s ago while clicking through my Glitter Guide Editorial Director’s “Style at Home” feature on GG. Caitlin deserves major kudos for inspiring the foundation of this project, because I had NO clue that you could transform an inexpensive acrylic photo frame box into an expensive lucite tray look-a-like. My eternal thanks to Caitlin for opening my eyes to this new possibility and, ultimately, for steering my thoughts in a fresh direction. Today’s post is testament to the power of how an idea can shift and expand just by seeing it from a new perspective.

But how about that new perspective…My little remix to Caitlin’s adorable coffee table tray was to create a lined insert using cardboard and linen, which I would use to display my favorite pieces of jewelry. As soon as I stepped back from the completed tray, I knew I was going to be making more. LOTS more. Girlfriends, beware – Your own Carrie-crafted DIY jewelry tray is going to be showing up with ribbons and bows for just about every major holiday in the foreseeable future.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial for this project as much as I enjoyed making it!


-8×10 acrylic photo frame box
-Natural linen
-Spray adhesive
-Clear Scotch tape

DIY Jewelry Tray

Step 1: Unwrap the acrylic photo frame box and remove the cardboard insert. Use a pair of scissors to cut the front piece of the cardboard (the one with the label) away from the side pieces – this will act as your insert.

Step 2: Lay the freshly cut cardboard on top of the linen and trim the fabric to size, leaving about an inch around the sides and cutting out the corners for easier wrapping.

Step 3: Once the fabric is cut, take it outside and spray a thin, even layer of spray adhesive along the back side. Then quickly lay the fabric on a clean flat surface (sticky side up) and place the cardboard on top in the middle, pressing firmly so that it adheres to the glue.

Step 4: Wrap the fabric edges up and over the cardboard, using Scotch tape to hold it in place. It won’t look all that pretty, but it will be hidden in the end and gets the job done using an office supply we all have around the house!

Step 5: Flip the cardboard over and set aside for the spray adhesive to dry – 24 hours is ample time for it to set.

Step 6: The next day, set the acrylic photo frame box on a table top face down, and slip the now dry linen-wrapped insert into the recess.

And there you go! Now all of your favorite jewelry pieces have an extra special place to shine. Display it on your dresser in the bedroom, or place right on the bathroom countertop within easy reach for spur of the moment decision making!



Mine now sits next to my DIY perfume stand on the bookshelf in our master bedroom, just outside the bathroom door. Each and every morning, I relish hovering my hand back and forth over the assortment of bangles, rings and earrings – What to choose, what to choose? It’s like being on the set of my own photo shoot. Every girl has that moment, right?



A couple of other ideas:

  1. Instead of plain linen, use a punchy patterned fabric. You can easily create multiple inserts for the tray and switch then out when the mood strikes!
  2. Rather than displaying jewelry, use the lined tray at your desk to corral favorite pens and notepads.
  3. Line the tray with cork for slip-proof wine glass transportation.
  4. You can never go wrong with a liner painted with chalkboard paint…Labeled cheese plate, anyone?

What would you display?


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One Word: Floral

Be sure to scroll all the way through for a Glitter Guide feature round-up!


Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source
Source | Source | Source | Source | Source

Spring officially begins tomorrow! I think I speak for a good bit of us when I say that IT’S ABOUT TIME. I’m so ready for flouncy dresses, sun soaking, outdoor dinners, parkway excursions and, my favorite day of the year…the day the leaves come back. There’s nothing so energizing for me as a forest thick with greenery. And with leaves come the flowers! I’m excited to embrace florals in a new way this season – I’m thinking floral fabrics, floral artwork, floral wallpaper and fresh floral arrangements. It’s time to breathe a little life back into this house of ours – How do you incorporate florals this time of year?













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P.S. I’ve been a terrible self-promoter lately and need to catch you up on a few of my recent Glitter Guide features, in case you’re interested! I’ve got 3 for you today – A review of Holly Becker’s Decorate Workshop, some black & white decor eye candy and a “DIY to Try” feature focusing on easy bulletin board projects. Enjoy!

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