Peek-a-Boo {February/March 2013}

It’s high time we mix things up here on the blog. While I love me some consistency, publishing the same 3 features every Monday/Tuesday/Thursday can burn out even the best of us. Don’t get me wrong, I adore each in their own special way, but I think it’s time to digress just a TINY bit from the interior design talk. It’s time for you guys to get to know ME – You know, the gal who churns out 1,200 home focused words every weekday. One thing I’ve struggled with over the past two years of writing this blog is making sure that I set aside the shop talk for a bit and get real about my life. It may be hard to imagine, but I really DON’T think about DIY projects, painting rooms and rearranging furniture 24/7 – Sure, it’s about 80% of the time, but I do have other interests and priorities. Are you curious?

So in comes a new feature. No, it’s not going to be weekly. No, I’m not getting rid of “Pinspiration Monday,” “One Word” or “All in the details…” This tiny peek-a-boo into my life will only happen about once a month, but I needed a new outlet to share all of the none-house-related stuff with you. The events, the restaurants, the movies, books, coffee dates and (the 1,453,872) pet pictures.

Without further adieu, this is a peek into what our February and March looked like in Instagrams

Feb Mar 2013

1…Remember my “No Buying Clothes in 2013” resolution? Well I’m still going strong, although it’s been BEYOND tough with all of the spring fashions coming out to play in my favorite stores. One loophole I interjected was that family gifted ensembles were fair game, so my mom sweetly bought me this gorgeous floral dress perfect for job interviews and a friend’s wedding coming up in May. If I could wear it everyday, I would.

2…Back when I worked at the newspaper, I met a group of wild, crazy, change-your-life-forever girls. It was that kind of instantaneous group friendship where everyone had their own dynamic and it was impossible to stay out of each others’ business. Every day at work, you’d find us huddled around one of our desks gossiping and screeching over someone’s ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend on Facebook. Someone should have turned our lives into a sitcom, it was that ridiculous. But then our department was split up and each of us went our separate ways…One to Charlotte, one to Richmond, another to Texas and one more to New York. Another of us, Heidi, moved back to her hometown in Iowa, leaving myself and Alyssa (the resident Lynchburg-ers) here to miss what was. But over the weekend, Heidi made it back for a much-anticipated visit and we enjoyed a delicious brunch complete with catch up and, of course, gossip. I miss those ladies and our tenacious, powerful friendship…

3…While visiting the Charlotte transplant, Sarah, Alyssa and I enjoyed our very first taste of a macaroon. Admittedly, it’s so NOT what I expected, but I love the unique flavor and that tell-tale artful exterior. More please!

4…Speaking of sweets…That gorgeous little bowl of ice cream is actually a Waller family tradition. John and I are both lactose intolerant, so each week as an after-dinner treat we pick up a carton of dairy free ice cream and enjoy two scoops before bed. He takes his with a touch of chocolate syrup, I take mine with sprinkles and touch MORE chocolate syrup. It’s the perfect way to end the day.

5…This little sneak peek vignette is a little taste of a basement room redo we’re working on. I can’t wait to share details soon, but we’ve essentially transformed the basement into a swanky, white and black movie-watching, video-gaming oasis (I HATE the phrase “Man Cave,” but that’s essentially what it is). I love watching movies and TV with John, but hated the mismatched furniture and lack of design in our finished basement. So we finally flipped it around by Craig’s Listing the old stuff and filling it with fun new pieces. Now we spend almost every evening down there enjoying ice cream (see bullet #4) and an episode of House. Details soon!

So what’s been going on in YOUR life?

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