The Options: White or Bright?

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for your participation in my Reader Feedback Survey 2013!! Apparently more of you than I thought get the same satisfaction out of surveys that I do. At any rate, I really appreciate the honest feedback (and the sweet comments!). The results have given me a lot to think about and changes are on the way, the implementation of which starts today.

Reader Feedback Graphic

This morning, we move beyond “One Word.” With hardly a vote in its favor, I’ve got to succumb to the fact that it’s just not valuable to your creativity – And THAT is something I won’t compromise on. So, onward and upward as they say! Don’t think it’s gone forever though…I’m sure it’ll crop up every now and then when I’m feeling particularly inspired by a certain catchword.

So what’s the new plan? Well one thing that ALSO garnered some noticeable tabulation in the survey (this time in the affirmative) was interior design. Thursday’s “All in the details…” feature is meant to be a home design tip jar of sorts, but how about making it a little more interactive?

After giving it some thought, I came up with “The Options.” You’ll get two sometimes opposing, sometimes complementary styling options to choose from – Both will be explained for you and tips will abound, but my ultimate hope for this feature is that you all will weigh in and help each other. Have you tried this at home? Which of the two options are you most drawn to? In the end, you should be able to walk away with two simple, affordable interior design options in your back pocket.

First on the docket? Which is your go-to wall color of choice – White? Or bright?

White or Bright

Option 1: The Design Files | Option 2: Sadie + Stella

Option 1: As I’ve slowly come to realize, white walls are a fabulous way to spotlight colorful accessories. A great option for renters, white walls allow for a LOT more versatility since you don’t need to stress over rollers, trays, brushes and gallons of new paint when you want to change things. If you want to mix up the look of a space that sports white walls, all you have to do is rotate things like pillows, lamps, rugs and linens.

Option 2: But if you’re a die-hard color lover, you can’t stop at just the linens, rugs and lamps. From rich peacock teals, to hot pink and cool mint, the walls are no match for your saturated taste! If you go for vibrant color on the walls though, take note from the inspiration image and tone down the furnishings with monochromatic white and amp up the accessories with oversized, blown out patterns.

P.S. If you haven’t given your 2 cents, my (quick 4-question) reader survey is STILL open – click here for access!

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