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Console Table

Source | The Glitter Guide

This close up shot packs QUITE a punch. As soon as I saw it, my to-do list for our own home grew exponentially. A cool, space saving console table, fabulous gallery wall, great mixture of textures – I can’t wait to turn this inspiration into my own little close up corner of style.

Let’s talk details…

1…Putting a thin, streamlined console table behind the couch is a genius solution for those of us with tiny homes. It saves space by making end tables obsolete, and actually MAXIMIZES tabletop square footage. How? While a 6 to 10 inch depth doesn’t seem like much, when spanned across the length of a 6 1/2 foot couch, you’ve got tons of room for wine glasses, elegant lighting and stacks of design books – All within easy reach. I’m already brainstorming the easiest way to construct one from a few pieces of lumber.

2…I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but gold and black is one delicious color combination. It’s really the epitome of luxe. The rich solid black shade of this table lamp is hard to miss, and paired with that geometric metallic gold base, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. I’m adding a low lamp to my list of thrift store must-haves so I can spray paint it gold and top it with an inexpensive black shade from Target – My simple solution to achieving this look on MY budget.

3…With so much color and pattern in the gallery wall, this homeowner made a wise decision to take it easy on the throw pillows. That said, she gives the collection a little something special by mixing fun textures together in that single monochromatic white color palette. One is a soft fur, while the other is a glittery party in a pillow. Makes you wanna cuddle right up, doesn’t it?

What are your favorite details?

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