The Options: Wallpaper or Stencil

Wallpaper or Stencil

Option 1: Design Milk & Ferm Living | Option 2: House and Home

The need to get creative with a certain bland corner in your home has finally caught up to you. Your personality is anything but plain, so it’s time for your living room walls to follow suit. But which direction would you go? I’d love to know – Would your weekend project involve wallpaper, and all the glue, straight edges, and patience that go along with it? Or would you turn to your tried and true paintbrush to DIY a pretty new look with a stencil?

Option 1: Wallpaper has evolved quite a long way from the frilly patterns that once were. Today, you can get great patterns ready to dress up any room in your home – From geometric shapes to intricate tribal motifs. Not only can you get just about any color you want, but you can also get just about any texture you want. Running the gamete in terms of sheen and finish, metallics and velvet are now all within easy reach. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the prep and patience needed to make sure those edges line up.
Option 2: For those of us (here!!) who are on a budget, stenciling is often the better alternative. Where wallpaper can cost upwards of $100 a roll, stenciling usually requires a one-time cost (I’ve paid $50 for a quality stencil from these guys) for a reusable plastic sheet. Like wallpaper, stencils have matured into sophisticated tools for home redesign, coming in all kinds of shapes and styles to fit your particular taste. But also like wallpaper, stenciling comes with its fair share of prep work and patience. This is one project that you’ll want to take your time on to make sure the finished product looks crisp and clean.
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