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Red Coffee Table

Source: Design*Sponge

Almost as soon as I pinned that image above, I got an email saying that someone had commented on it – After clicking through, I found that my mom had left an enthusiastic “This is SOO you” reply. And I have to say that she couldn’t be more right! I know I say this about practically every room I feature as an “All in the details” space, but I truly wouldn’t change a thing about this living room. Not a THING.

Let’s talk details…

1…You know I’m all about pointing out the DIY-able projects in these professionally shot rooms, and we’re in luck today. If you wanted to recreate that fun graphic pillow, all you’d need is a removable pillow cover in a basic solid, some fabric paint and number stencils. Use it to commemorate a favorite number, special date or your house numbers.

2…The styling on this side table is ace and, again, oh so easy to do in our own homes. Take a tour of your house and grab a stack of books, a lamp, framed poster, candle and a jar of flowers. Done and done!

3…One of the things that really makes this room successful is the coffee table. Without that POP of red, the room would be a little neutral for my tastes, but with it the room has personality and a focal point really worth admiring. And this is yet another simple project we can tackle at home – Pick up a clean lined coffee table from your nearest thrift store, spray paint it a glossy red all over and you’ll be wowing your guests in no time.

What are your favorite details?

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